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Bevan’s Rules for Dealing with the TSA

| Nov 4, 2019 | Reply

Before 9/11 flying while trans was not a big deal. If you looked like the photo on your ID and the metal detector didn’t go off you could be through security in a short time. Crossdressers viewed flying en femme as one of their rites of passage. If the flight attendant called you “miss” that made it all the better. But then our nation was attacked by people using airplanes as weapons and the TSA came into being. Things got tougher for all transgender folks with the introduction of body scanners that revealed all. Today Dana Bevan has tips on how to travel while trans the may help you get through the TSC security screening.

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Science for Dealing With The TSA

| Mar 28, 2016 | 2 Replies

Airport security screening includes the use of body scanners and “pat downs,” otherwise known as being frisked. These security measures are particularly hard on trans people who need to travel. The scanners require their operators to pick a sex for the subject before the scan begins. If they pick the wrong sex that causes scanner errors and problems for the trans traveler. Today Dana Bevan gives you some tips on how to survive the security screening using science.

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| Nov 25, 2013 | Reply

Our man in a dress tells of one situation in which he is willing to “compromise” his no-pants-ever policy. He adopts a more androgynous style for only one occasion — flying. Today he recalls the last trip he took to the islands before he adopted his “compromise” flight attire and we learn why he now boards airplanes in pants, capri pant, yes, but still pants. Even though wearing any clothing approaching masculine style makes him feel that he’s “incognito.” (Apologies if you thought the title referred to the racist football player.)

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Getting There is Half the Fun

| Jul 22, 2013 | 1 Reply

Linda’s friend Leah tells our reporter about an adventure in the lost art of airplane conversation. Flying to and from Las Vegas for a transgender get-together Leah, dressed, was seated next to an uptight young man on the flight home so she got a lot of reading done. Getting to Vegas though was another story altogether. On that flight Leah was able to enlighten two strangers about the life of an androgynous person.

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