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Trans Media Arts! Pride, Morgan Freeman, Cynthia Nixon and more!

| Jun 25, 2018 | Reply

Amanda F. Steele covers the transgender arts and entertainment scene. Today she talks about the event surrounding the San Francisco Pride March; digs into the #metoo controversy around Morgan Freeman’s treatment of female interviewers, including Janet Mock; and offers some info on Cynthia Nixon’s transgender son, and a trans model who is walking the runaway for major designers. She also has a look at a band who decided to support gender fluidity by putting their legs on display the same way they use women’s legs in their logo. It’s all waiting for you in Trans Media Arts.

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Perpetual Change — Video from Georgie Jessup

| Jun 2, 2014 | Reply

Pamela DeGroff reviewed the forthcoming album by Georgie Jessup several months ago because Georgie sent her an very advance copy. Now, with the album release set for this month Pamela revisits Georgie Jessup by presenting a video of the album’s first single. Watch “Red Cloud’s Room” and listen to an outstanding TG artist. Then Pamela does some of her mini-reviews of new music from artists who may or may not be TG but are worth checking out. It’s in the longest running column on TGF, Perpetual Change.

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