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The Development of Lingerie

| Apr 27, 2020 | Reply

What crossdresser hasn’t at one time or another become fascinated by women’s undergarments? Either the look of a nipped in waist contained by a tight, unyielding corset or a black lacy bra with bikini panties and thigh high hose — or just a pretty, silky slip — undergarments can provide that sexy feeling crossdressers love. Today Pauline Estelle takes a look back at the history of lingerie.

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Hello, My Name is Linda: Part 4

| Jun 26, 2017 | 4 Replies

Linda continues her series on her meetings with the support group, Bracoholics Anonymous. This group is primarily composed of crossdressers but also contains a few men who only dress in lingerie under their male attire. The bracoholics focus mainly on the joy of wearing a pretty bra and like many of their members Linda was first attracted to that particular garment. In today’s post she reports on things she learned from other members of the group.

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Hello, My Name is Linda: Part 3

| Jun 5, 2017 | Reply

Linda continues her story about her interaction with the group ‘Bracoholics Anonymous’ which, as the name suggests is a help group for men coming to terms with their attraction to brassieres. This time she shares a story of how the bracoholics are not be as invisible to others as they may think.

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My Name is Linda, Part 2

| May 1, 2017 | Reply

Linda is telling the story of encountering and joining a group of individuals who had grown up and lived their lives with a fascination with brassieres or bras. In part 1 she revealed to the group what she saw as the genesis of her obsession.

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“Hello, My Name is Linda”

| Apr 3, 2017 | 2 Replies

Today Linda Jensen tells a story of finding and attending a support group meeting to deal with a compulsion she has had, not all her adult life, but pretty well all her entire life. She had no idea that others might share her strange desires and was happy to meet other males who dressed as females but she wasn’t keen to stand in front of the group and tell them her particulars. Of course being a person of many words she will be stretching this story out over several months. Today it’s Part 1.

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The Bra

| Jun 20, 2016 | 1 Reply

For over 100 years breasts have been uplifted by a noble garment that is the foundation of a successful woman. We’re talking about the bra. The brassiere. They lift, separate, pushup and add shape to the breasts of women all across the world. But it seems, if we are to believe Cate O’Malley, that it’s a love, hate relationship.

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