Stand Up Straight!

| Jun 7, 2021
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See the difference?

Dear Readers, I was casting about for a topic today; I was also just winging around on Facebook, and happened to see a group photo of some lovely “t-girls”. I noticed some great-looking ladies, and then a few who looked like they would rather be washing the dog than being in a picture. What caused this big difference? Everybody’s clothing was nice, shoes were appropriate, but some ladies just weren’t “feeling it”. I mused, I pondered, I got up and made some tea. then I got it—POSTURE!

Yes, I am, like my Grandmother, going to tell you to STAND UP STRAIGHT! And no, you don’t have to BE straight to stand up that way.

Why is posture so important? For many reasons. The first, for me, is that your posture, more than anything else, tells the world how YOU feel about yourself. Good posture says “I am a proud human being, I like myself and am worthwhile as HELL.” BAD posture says “I am merely taking up space in the world, and only deserve the dregs of what you can throw me”

Well, which is it? Go with good posture. I do not mean you now must parade about your living space with a book on your head—but it couldn’t hurt. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in that shows your physical structure, say, a bathing suit or some glam undies. FACE THE MIRROR and stand up straight and tall.

Posture training at finishing school.

CHIN UP! No, no—don’t DO a chin up—just hold your chin perpendicular to the floor.

DROP YOUR SHOULDERS! Don’t squish them up around your neck, just let them hold your arms loosely, so you can gently shake the arms around.

TAKE A DEEP BREATH—THEN EXHALE. Relax—you don’t need to hold your breath, just tighten your abdominal muscles a bit.


UNLOCK YOUR KNEES! Just clench and unlock, allow them to “engage”.

FEET A LITTLE LESS THAN SHOULDER WIDTH APART. Don’t splay ’em out, or knock the ankles together.

Standing “straight” will not only open your chest for better breathing, it will help keep your shoulders loose, maximize lung space/capacity, facilitate happy blood flow and keep joints healthy.

AND—you will look and feel PROUD of yourself!  

People slouching around, with head down, shoulders up, tummy pooched out give the impression that they are hiding something—and that “something” is who they are. With your head up, shoulders aligned but relaxed, stomach supported but not clenched, tailbone a bit tucked under, knees supportive but not locked sends the message—“I LOVE MYSELF! I AM BITCHIN’ AS ALL GET-OUT, AND YOU WISH YOU WERE ME”! And the more you stand and comport yourself with excellent posture, the stronger you will feel, the better your whole body will behave, and the more confident YOU will rule your world.


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