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| Mar 11, 2019
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For my final column as the Book person, I’m not reviewing a book.  No, I’m actually reviewing a website full of short stories:  Fictionmania.

I know many in the TG community are already familiar with this site.  I tripped over it while looking for places to sell stories.  From the Fictionmania site:  Fictionmania is a free story archive (32,885 stories). Transgender/TV/CD/TG/crossdress/transformation stories, 2,761 with images. It is totally run by volunteers with a passion to make this the best TG Fiction site on the web.

You read that right — almost 33,000 stories!

Most of them are short, but some are serialized and longer as well.  My dear friend Jenny North posted her story “Identity Crisis” here in ten parts.  Some of the authors here have posted over a hundred stories!  Me, I’ve only posted four.Categories

There’s something for everyone on this site.  There are 77 different categories for stories, and they range from “G” rated to “XXX” rated.  My personal favorites are “Magical transformations,” as sort of personal wish fulfillment. I believe that is the basis of Fictionmania: Wish fulfillment.  I’d wager that the vast majority of its readers are people who are TG but for whatever reason can’t transition, as well as some fetishists.  I’m guessing that’s why there’s categories/keywords such as “Bimbo,” “Cheerleader,” “Schoolgirl,” and “Pregnant.”

Before I was able to live my Truth, Fictionmania was a way to explore the feelings inside me.  It fulfilled a need — a desire.  If you read enough of the stories, you find a common pattern to them.  That’s why I wrote my own — I tried to go against the “type.”  That said, I wanted people to “like” the stories, so I added a gratuitous sex scene to each one.  Sex sells, after all.  So much for going against type, I guess.

my stories

My Stories

One part of Fictionmania is that there are shared “universes” there.  One big example is Bill Hart’s “Spells R Us” universe, where the commonality is a magical store which “pops up” in places, and is run by a wizard.  It seems that everything this store sells transforms men into women.  In another “universe” there is an artifact named the “Medallion of Zulo” which has strict rules about its function, and inconveniently disappears at the worst moments.  Many authors use these settings for some truly wonderful stories.

Make no mistake though — some of the stories on this site are strictly amateur night.  They have little plot and are poorly written fodder for masturbation.  So if that is what you want, that’s there as well.

There are other great sites for TG fiction (Big Closet comes to mind, which is another amazing story site) you never forget your first.  For me, that was Fictionmania.  If I hadn’t found it, I would’ve never found the other story sites, etc.  It opened a whole realm of possibility for me, and for my writing.  I recommend that if you like TG fiction, Fictionmania (and Big Closet) are great places to start.  Happy reading!

Oh, as mentioned above, this will be my last Page Pundit piece.  When I started this, I worked at a book store, so I had quick access to the newest books, etc.  Since becoming unemployed, I don’t have that access.  Also, I just don’t read as much any more.  (Depression sucks.)  I’ll still be doing my regular column, editor willing.

Be well.

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