Retro Rerun: Honey Harlow on Luscious Lips

| Mar 11, 2019
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Honey Harlow is one of the great entertainers in our community and a recognized expert in makeup for both glamorous occasions and everyday wear. This article on creating luscious lips was published on TGForum in 1998. Today Honey Harlow has an online store selling the glamorous accessories every girl needs.

My makeup tip for luscious lips is really not very complicated and any girl can have great lips with very little practice!

For full lips outline your lips in a very dark color such as a deep red, brown or I even use black at times. This can be done using a eyebrow pencil or lipstick but if you use lipstick then you must use a small stout brush to apply the lines!!

If you are in a hurry then just fill in the rest of your lips with a lighter color of lipstick but if you are meticulous like I am and really want that showgirl look then continue by applying another line of lipstick two shades lighter just inside the lipliner you just applied.

Next apply another line even two shades lighter and finally blend a little white lipstick into the center of your lips and you will see how full your lips look!

A faster but not as effective way to accomplish this same trick is to just apply your outline, then fill in with a deep red lipstick and finally blend in a dab of white lipstick.

Always use a separate brush for each color and don’t mix your brushes! After you have the look you like then very gently and with only a drop apply liquid gloss over the entire lip being careful not to blend any more than you have to otherwise your colors will blend into one!

Thin Lips: How to Fatten Them

Another tip: if your lips are very thin here is a trick to enlarge them. After you apply your first coat of lipstick add a thin layer of translucent powder to your lips with a dusting brush then add more lipstick. You can continue to do this until you achieve the right fullness. 

After arriving at the look I want I apply a lip sealer. This allows my lipstick to last for hours with that Showgirl gloss and it also allows me to kiss and not leave a mark, or at least not much of a mark!

Oh No!! Out of Lipstick? To make do until you get some more lipstick, get a small amount of Vaseline on your lip brush and use a little of your powdered blush. It will not only get you through till you can get more, but it also helps to soften your lips.

Remember, when you select a lipstick, if the lipstick and your skin tone are too similar then every flaw on your face will show up. A little contrast goes a long way to make the complexion look smoother.

Then of course there are some lips lipstick will not improve!

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