Review: Dixie’s Tupperware Party

| Mar 28, 2016
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Dixie posed for pictures.

Dixie posed for pictures.

Dixie Longate is the alter ego of Los Angeles based actor and comedian Kris Andersson. Her one-woman show, Dixie’s Tupperware Party has been playing all over the USA and I had the opportunity to see it recently in Orlando.  The show is a mix of laughter, entertainment, touching storytelling, free giveaways, and audience participation. Dixie received a 2008 Drama Desk Award nomination for Outstanding Solo Performance, and explains how she is ultimately empowered through the Tupperware products she promotes.

The show was held in the smaller venue of a downtown Orlando theater and was a sellout. Dixie plays to the crowd. She comes out early to warm up the audience and gave everyone a free piece of candy. She just started talking about her life experiences and wove in stories and jokes as she showed various Tupperware pieces and how one uses them. The bowls she holds in the photo below provided comedic relief, but you had to be there. The juice glass was supposedly filled with her favorite alcoholic liquid and when she took out the straw and then tipped it over, nothing came out.

handsfull300It turns out the corporate headquarters of Tupperware is Orlando.

From her press release before the show:

Dixie Longate got her start with Tupperware in 2001 when her parole officer mandated that she get a job in order to get her children returned to her custody. Within a year, she was among the top sellers in the nation because of her unique perspective on those plastic bowls that have been around since 1948. Surviving 3 husbands, Dixie is the sometimes-proud parent of 3 children: Wynona, Dwayne, and Absorbine, Jr. Her Tupperware party caught the eye of some New York Theatre producers and in 2007 Dixie appeared off-Broadway in the self titled show, Dixie’s Tupperware Party, for which she garnered a Drama Desk Award nomination for Outstanding Solo Performance. The show is now gearing up for the eighth season of its world tour, in theatres far and wide. For more info or to see pictures of Dixie doing nefarious things, go to her website.

I have never laughed so hard — Dixie doesn’t across as a drag queen — simply she’s a woman from Alabama who’s a salesperson who delivers a hilarious patter of this and that. Does she pick on people in the audience? A little — especially the men who have never attended a Tupperware party. She rolls with the crowd. It was almost two hours of nonstop entertainment. I decided to write up this show report to let everyone know to be sure to attend a performance of Dixie’s Tupperware Party if it shows up in your area. You’ll be glad you did.

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