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Rev. Yolanda’s Upcoming EP “YolandaNanda”

| Jun 22, 2020
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We got this press release from longtime friend of TGForum, Reverend Yolanda. We share her news with you.

Hi, I wanted you to know about my latest music project located at 

I started creating YolandaNanda right before COVID 19, and planned to have a live release party on May 10 at my Church With A 2 Drink Minimum.  I am now releasing each song separately online with an accompanying video. Stay posted here, on Spotify and iTunes/Apple Music, as well as all major digital distributors such as Amazon

The EP is a collection of songs based on my love for mantra. Each song has a mantra that the story is based around. The mantras/stories I have chosen are ones that empower me and keep me grounded during this time of growth, expansion, and human consciousness shift.

I currently have 3 songs/videos released and there are 4 more to come. I am paying attention to the current events of our day and releasing them as they seem appropriate to do so. I share these with you and the public now because I do sense they have value during this time of consciousness shift. The most recent one Your Eyes is a direct response to COVID. The next release Driving Desire will be out soon and will speak as a response to racism and trans-phobia. I appreciate the role that TGForum has had on my life over the years, not only in reviewing my music, but also helping me understand my gender identity.

All love to you and yours and thank you for you impact on my life.

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