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Pink Toenails in The Hospital — Part 2

| Jun 12, 2017
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Part 1

The last installment ended with me going to the hospital and not catching a break with what I was wearing. Let’s pick up where we left off. From the last post you would already know that I went to the hospital with an infection which turned out to be meningitis. I happened to be wearing my support hose (in sheer black), black lace panties and metallic pink toe nails.

I was shuffled off to the exam room to do the spinal tap and I was given a gown and told to change. ” leave your underwear on” said the nurse. I left my underwear on and did my best to keep the back closed so no one would see my panties. A very nice nurse came in a few minutes later and led me to the exam room which looked more like an operating room and said ” Hop up on the table so I can get you ready.” I thought to myself “Are you ready ?” Much to my surprise as I lay on my stomach she never stopped humming a happy tune as she sterilized my lower back. She got everything ready for the doctor and chatted with my wife and I about nothing in particular until she got everything done. So, there I lay half bare assed draped on the table waiting for a big needle and wondering if she didn’t care to make a comment about my panties or if she was just very professional and didn’t dare make a comment. The doctor came and did his thing and left without much talk other than being overworked and then he left. The nurse tied the gown in the back and said, just above a whisper,” I love your underwear, I have the same ones from Lane Bryant.” I said thank you and she led me back to where my clothes were to get dressed.

The next thing I knew I was being taken to a room and of course nobody told me anything but I already figured out I was staying. The nurse for the new room came in and told me to change into a gown and lie down in the bed to rest which I did gladly because by this time I really felt bad. It wasn’t long before I was asleep and I woke up to someone coming to start an IV and take blood and having just woken up I didn’t notice that my bare feet were uncovered. Yes my bright pink metallic toenails were shining for everyone to see. I realized this when the nurse looked down at my feet and with a raised eyebrow said” those are pretty.” I felt really sick and was too tired to care so I just smiled and said thank you. I didn’t try to hide anything after that because it’s nobody’s business and I don’t have to explain myself to anyone.

There was one nurse who kept giving me disapproving looks so I decided to make her work for her shift by asking for things more than I needed to but she was only there for one shift and thankfully we didn’t see her again. When the night shift came on a new nurse came in and was very attentive and eager to please, she was also very talkative. I could tell she wanted to ask me something and when my wife went home this nurse used the opportunity to awkwardly  ask if I was trans. The way she asked it was clear that she meant no disrespect and was genuinely curious so I laid it all out for her. It turns out that she has a boyfriend who is questioning his gender and she told me that they had done some roleplaying. Funny how a total stranger will sometimes open up and tell you their life story. Maybe I was there for a reason, I’d like to think that I was. I would hope that I made a difference in someone’s life and helped someone find some clarity. I guess if there is a moral to the story it would be to don’t assume everyone is judging you. Living your life on the defensive is just exhausting!

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