Perpetual Change Music Buying Guide

| Dec 14, 2015
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Presenting the Perpetual Change Year End Music Buying Guide

Well, we’ve made it through yet another year, somewhat unscathed…for the most part. That of course brings us to the annual music buying guide, offering gift suggestions for that music lover on your Christmas list.  Most of the artists and musicians on this list have an online presence through Twitter, Facebook, instagram, YouTube, etc. Their music can usually be found through major retailers such as Amazon and CD Baby. I’ve tried to list everyone’s web site when possible. So, here goes. Happy shopping and Merry Christmas to all out faithful readers.

The year started off with an introduction to a very unique entertainer, Scotty The Blue Bunny. He’s more of a performance artist, but also a past circus performer, and he has one rap tune available on iTunes.

Moon Baby

Moon Baby

Moon Baby is yet another drag performer who is part musician, part performance artist, and part actress.  There are some other unique qualities in the mix as well, but let’s leave it at that. She has three EPs and one CD under her own name, and is also involved with a band called Massage Parlour that has released a couple EPs and a CD entitled Drag Queen Music.

Jessup and the Philosopher Dogs

Jessup and the Philosopher Dogs

Georgie Jessup is an artist that has been featured a lot in this column over the years. The past year, a biographical film about Georgie and her work was released.  Entitled Woman In A Man’s Suit (after one of her CD titles), the film showcases music from many of her various CD releases. There is music from the aforementioned Woman In A Man’s Suit, as well as her best known project, American Holocaust, Winkte and Crazy Sacred Dogs. There is also very old, rare video footage of Georgie in one of her earlier bands called Wavelength.  Her most recent release is Philosopher Dogs. The film can be ordered through Chip Taylor Communications. Last Minute Message From Georgie Jessup:  “Tell folks before Christmas they can order the WIAMS doc film exclusively through me. They can contact me through my website or by emailing me $20.00 + $2.00 s/h. This is a limited time offer and only for your readers…good through January 16th 2016.  They can send checks or money orders. I am not set up for credit cards and such at this point. Or if they order all four of my CDs available on CDBaby and Amazon I will send them a copy of the movie. Hows that for a deal? Once they make the purchase they can forward the invoice to me with their address and I’ll mail the movie to them.”

rouge_mary03Singer Rouge Mary of the band Hercules and Love Affair was featured in April.  Along with her work with Hercules and Love Affair she also has contributed vocals to the album Zoa by DJ Mason. Rouge Mary is on FB, YouTube and Twitter.

Rev. Yolanda

Rev. Yolanda

Rev. Yolanda is another artist who has been featured in this column several times over the years.  2015 was the proverbial banner year for her.  She won a Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs (MAC) Award for best Impersonation/Characterization/Drag Artist for her Rev. Yolanda’s Old Time Gospel Hour show. Alsong with this love show, there has been a coffee table book published which showcases the behind-the-scenes activities with the show, as well as the long awaited film of the show, which was recorded live at  The Duplex in New York City. All of the material, as well as Yolanda’s many CDs are available through her website.

Michelle Rocking Horse Garcia

Michelle Rocking Horse Garcia

Michelle Rocking Horse Garcia is a incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist who works with more than one genre’ of music. She’s also quite talented in the kitchen. Her newest project is Beans, Bullets and Band-Aides. Plus, she has also reissued an updated version of an excellent instrumental project called Spanish Traveler.

Joie Starr

Joie Starr

Joie Starr has performed with Rev. Yolanda on the Abbalicious CD. She has also released single tracks.  And, along with her music, she is also a well known wigmaker. Her music is available through her website and through CDBaby.

Baby Dee

Baby Dee

Baby Dee’s most recent release, I Am A Stick, is probably the most eclectic thing I’ve heard this year.  That’s saying a lot because I don’t listen to much of anything that’s so-called “popular” music. Coming from Baby Dee, that’s to be expected.  I Am A Stick is perhaps her most ambitious project to date.  There’s a few humorous tunes mixed in with an instrumental and the usual incredible musicianship found on Baby Dee projects.

Leitham-Jennifer-Future ChristmasJennifer Leitham’s Future Christmas was reviewed last month, and there’s still time to pick this one up.   I really have to reiterate that the album is a very solid production.  whether or not you’re into jazz, you’ll do yourself a favor by including Future Christmas in your Christmas-time listening.  Excellent playing by Jennifer and her trio throughout.  I’ve also received a copy of her most recent project, Mood Swings, which definitely stays true to her established level of excellence.  A full review will be posted after the first of the year.


Okay, so there’s been a boat load of new material out this year, as usual. While I try to showcase new music that comes my way whenever possible, due to space I want to include only the projects that really caught my attention.

E.Mo.TionE.Mo.Tion by Carly Rae Jepsen

Very up-tempo techno pop. She will be on tour starting in February.

Bombastic (EP) by Bonnie McKee

Each tune on this is different and somewhat in-your-face.

Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart? by K. Michelle

Excellent R&B throughout.

2cellos_-_celloverseCelloverse by 2Cellos 

The title says it all. This is an instrumental project played by two excellent musicians. Definitely not your father’s cello playing.

Into Color by Rumer

This particular project contains a bit of everything…old school disco, jazz, light rock…you name it.

anne_steeleWhat’s Mine by Anne Steele

Anne Steele is a well known NYC cabaret artist. This particular project contains a wealth of very diverse material.

Recreational Love by The Bird And The Bee

Very quirky pop oriented material, with a lot of musical surprises.

Paper Gods by Duran Duran

This is their 14th studio album. It’s an excellent mix of current musical trends along with material that will appeal to their older fans.


adele_2525 by Adele

For some reason, this newest release by Adele has caused controversy. I’ve read reviews and opinions concerning the project that have said everything from Adele’s now considered boring to, unbelievably, the project promotes “white privilege.” Listen, let me go on record, and perhaps even out on a limb, and say let’s leave the effing politically correct bullshit out of music. You either like it and are or are not a fan of Adele. Leave it at that.

Personally, I find her voice to be amazing. That and the fact that she writes her own material (along with several co-writers.) There are thousands of female vocalists out there, and most of them don’t write their own stuff. I personally feel that writing, recording and performing your own material puts much more depth and validity into what you’re presenting to an audience than just being another singer, no matter how good you are. But that’s just me — your mileage may vary.

Now, to the album itself. It tends to stay within a somewhat mid-tempo to laid back frame work throughout, with sparse, almost minimal instrumentation. That’s not a criticism. Adele’s voice is at it’s most expressive and intense when she’s not buried by an over produced mix. Having said that, the best cuts are the single Hello, Remedy (piano and voice only) and the very pretty guitar/vocal only Million Years Ago.

Throughout, regardless of the backing, Adele’s sense of dynamics and her range make each song worth the time. All in all, 25 helps to solidify Adele’s place as one of the best female vocalists to come along in years. (For proper production and musician credit, please check out the CD insert.

Hard Candy Christmas by Cyndi Lauper

Ms. Lauper will be releasing an album of classic country tunes from the 1950s and ’60s in 2016. Until then, she’s released Hard Candy Christmas as a digital download. The song is from the Dolly Parton project Best Little Whorehouse In Texas.


Our Lady J will be presenting her new show, Winter Solstice Celebration, at the Wallis Anneneburg Center For The Performing Arts, 9390 North Santa Monica Blvd., Beverley Hills, CA, on Friday, Dec. 18.

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