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One of the best things I ever did…

| Jul 4, 2006
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…besides getting married, was to get my ears pierced.  It was at Be-All in Chicago 2 years ago.  My friend Alicia had had hers done and was raving about it, and I guess I succumbed to peer-pressure.  But, it was something I was thinking about anyway.

Clip-ons were getting harder and harder to find.  Good clip-ons, that is.  I like ’em dangly. And sparkly.  And most clip-on earrings I found were either dowdy or too expensive.

So, during a break in the action at Be-All, the Mrs. and I drove over to a Chicago mall, found a place that pierced ears, and I sat down in the chair.  (No, I didn’t cry.)

Reaction in the straight world has been better that I could have imagined.  Having 2 pierced ears raised some eyebrows among my family.  But, no-one said much.  Amongst my friends, there’s been some teasing, but they’re buddies: they’re supposed to tease me.

And coworkers?  No-one has ever said a word to me about it.  Having one pierced ear is not all that uncommon for men in this day and age, but two?  Still, no-one’s even asked why. 

Now, if someone ever does, I’ve got a couple of stock answers: “It seemed like a good idea at the time,” or if I want to play with their heads, “There was a special: buy two piercings, get one free.”

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