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On The Radio

| Jun 20, 2007
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Listening to the local news-talk station yesterday, one of the hosts starting talking about the transgender protection law in New Jersey. I often agree with Mike McConnell, as he seems to be

a very common-sense kinda guy. But, he’s been syndicated recently, and I think to boost his audience, he’s pandering to the ultra-conservative. (Listen to his comments HERE. Scroll down to “Mike McConnell on Demand” for hour one, on Monday, June 18th. And sit down, while you’re listening. You may want to keep all throwable things out of reach.)

I was really hoping someone would call in, and set him straight, but during my short commute, no-one did.

I don’t get to listen to a lot of talk-radio. Did other talk show hosts bring up the topic of Susan Stanton? Have they been debating the law in New Jersey?

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