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| Jun 22, 2007
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Let us do it for you.  It’s TGForum News!  This week: Trans-advocates will be all over CNN.  A suburban library may be your next travel destitnation, and is it possible to be 3 years old and gay?  How about 4 and TG?  Keep reading…

Cancel your Sunday evening plans, and get in front of the television.   The president of TransYouth Family Advocates will be on CNN.  And according to their website, there will be another appearance next week. 

Who kicked off Pride week in San Francisco?  According to the Bay Area Reporter, we did. 

WBOC says a GLBT bill gets stuck in Delaware, but another passes in New Jersey as we read in the CourierPost Online. 

The Village Voice has a huuuuuuge article on the next generation of GLBT folk.   Interesting stuff.

Do trans-people play in Peoria?  I don’t know, but I do know that we’re making the papers in Fort Wayne, IN.   

Make sure you read this editorial from some members of the AFL-CIO.   It’s in the New York Blade.

Make sure to renew your library card in Oak Park.  According to the Advocate, they’ve just received a grant for a transgender resource section.

A nurses association in Canada believes we may not be getting the best health care possible.  They may be right.


TG activist Claire Skiffington has died from cancer.  The Bay Area Reporter takes a look at her life.

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