On the Beach

| Aug 4, 2014
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Staking the top of the board into the soft powdery sand just above the high water mark where the sand is packed and damp you pull back your dirty blonde hair tying it into a lazy tail with the scrunchy that adorned your right wrist. You love the summer; your hair lightens and the sun shines in your endless sky of possibilities. Blue is bluer, clear skies mean long walks on the same beach that provides an entrance and an exit from the water sports that awaken the ache to be active.

Packed sand holds remnants of footprints, pairs side by side. You think of how it would feel to walk hand in hand with someone who loves you. Maybe you think about the couple that left those impressions. The crunch of that same sand under your feet seems to bring you closer to them.  As you walk you scan the early morning, intrepid, enjoying a sparsely populated beach. Is there a single who might enjoy my company?  You shake the thought from your mind, the reminder of the significant other whose slow steady breathing you left tucked into the bed you shared the previous night. They understand your need to sneak away and you know they will be there when you return. For a split second you question why that person isn’t on the beach with you.

Wrapped in oversized towel goose bumps rise as the cool morning air tickles your flesh. Your pace quickens. Warmth will come from more movement, you tell yourself.

Sandpipers peck at the hard pack as the tide recedes and scramble up the beach to avoid the next approaching wave. Gulls hover overhead while others congregate to your left watching.

As you walk you feel the bikini top caress your firm nipples sending subtle signals to your brain. The pony express of nerve endings relay those signals south to a familiar triangular intersection.

At the next opening in the dunes separating the beach from civilization you spy a solitary form standing arms akimbo. Your pace slows, something tells you to turn left and proceed up the beach. Watching the figure the right arm moves and a wide overhead wave appears to be signaling you. With the sun cresting the horizon to your left there is a mysterious shadow over the features of the figure. You stop, turn and squint. The figure moves slowly at first then quicker; with each step realization that your bed partner is approaching. Chills of excitement encourage a smile to your lips. As the smile blossoms you feel the skin, tightened by the drying salty ocean water give way to the glow that attracted this lover to approach you at the beach bar three days ago.

Okay it’s a tad chilly to be walking on the beach in a bikini but it’s 80 degrees somewhere. Allow your imagination the license to take you to that place and enjoy the memories and savor the possibilities of the memories you will be making.

May the ocean breeze fill your sails, may your seas be calm and glassy and may your course take you to places that make you happy.

Love and hugs,


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