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| May 31, 2007
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This just in… You can’t get much more out than Susan Stanton these days, the mayor of a British city is “one of us”, a better version of “PQOTD” is out on DVD, and churches are learning about transgendered people and issues. All this and more inside this edition of TGForum News!

Susan Stanton isn’t the first person to lose a job after getting outed, but she very well may be the most famous. The Bradenton Herald is covering her search for a new job. The Herald-Tribune is covering the media circus covering her.


In England, Cambridge now has a TG mayor. also has the story, but what’s really interesting is that “sex swap” is apparently a completely acceptable term in the UK.


Methodists are looking for a careful strategy regarding transgendered pastors. You might say they are being methodical about it. You might say it, but the Washington Times wouldn’t. (This comes after a transgendered minister was reappointed. Channel 13, WJZ has more.)


Presbyterians are learning about TG issues in North Carolina. Want to learn more? Go read the Chapel Hill News.


California Lawmakers approved a measure calling for positive potrayal of GLBT people in schools. Read more at LifeSite.


I forget if we’ve run this story before, but it bears repeating. Find out what I’m talking about at the Burlington Free Press. A related story comes out of New Jersey, at Ramapo College.


The cops in Chile have busted a man accused of violently murdering a transgendered escort. The Santiago Times says it’s the not the first murder in the TG community, but one group hopes to make it the last.


Violent deaths are not limited to other countries. KPIX reports Northern California is a very dangerous place for GLBT individuals to be. And a Canadian drag queen is recently out of a coma, after a beating, according to the OttawaCitizen.


Fans of Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, rejoice! A new version of the movie is out on DVD. Get a review of the special features from


On a couple of personal notes… Angela and I have debated recently here in the pages of TGF over the state of the transgendered community. Could syndicated writer Leslie Robinson have the tiebreaker in her column in the Dallas Voice?


And finally, there’s this: I’ve made it on Wikipedia. Though some of the information seems to be… umm… slightly incorrect. (I’d fix it myself, but I’m too humble to mention it.)

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  1. ronnierho ronnierho says:

    This just in….Susan Stanton was turned down for the job in Sarasota.