| May 30, 2007
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100_3411.JPGAh, the eyebrow. We can spend a lot of time working on our eyebrows, and we probably spend even more time worrying about them.

But, what are they good for? Really…Oh sure, they help us express emotion. Surprise, anger, sympathy and doubt would all be more difficult to show if one didn’t have eyebrows.

And when one shapes the eyebrow, through plucking, shaving, electrolysis, tape or makeup, they can make a masculine face look a little less macho. (Personally, I recommend taking adjustable hairclippers to them. It trims them down, and that can go a long way to reducing the manly-look, without going so far as to be noticable at work. Besides, even if you’re not a crossdresser, who wants to look like a 1970’s-era Soviet leader?

But, facial expression and appearance are both secondary chores for the eyebrow.

When we do too much to the eyebrow, we set ourselves up for disaster. I’m not talking about the “Hey, dude! Where’s your eyebrows? Did you do a drag show this weekend?” kind of disaster.

The eyebrows’ true function, I believe, is to act as a buffer between the forehead and the eyes. Why would someone need a buffer there? Easy.

To catch the sweat and keep it from running into your eyes. Ouch!

I’ve trimmed mine just a little too short, and now that it’s hot and I’m spending time outdoors, I’m paying for it. Live and learn.

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  1. angela_g angela_g says:

    Here’s a nice little trick I use for the eyebrow problem. I take spirit gum, not the cheap kind you get with a Halloween mustache from the store that’s only there in October. I use the more expensive, clear kind from a professional theatrical supply place. It’s only around $8 to $10 and it will last for months. You take a wooden stick, like a thin dowl rod cut at an angle, dip it in the spirit gum, whip off the excess on the rim of the container, and then lift up your eyebrow hairs with the tip of the stick. Coat them as throughly as you can with spirit gum. Then use the stick to shape them as they dry into the femme form you desire. You will have to pluck to get it clear around them and a bit of trimming will probably be necessary before you can get them right. (And you WILL have to shave or pluck between them if you are afflicted with mono-brow.) USe a brow pencil to fill in anywhere that you need a bit of brow and use it over any gray hairs you need to hide. Using the gum allows you to have groomed and shaped looking brows which can be bushed out for a manly look when needed. If you want to totally hide them and move where they are you can cover them with makeup and then paint brows where you want them. Going that far is not good for daytime excursions but may work for night time clubbing. (It’s used a lot by performers.) If you have dark brows and wear light color wigs just apply a light coat of foundation over the gummed down brows.