No more of the Crying Game!

| Feb 23, 2006
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As a rule I don’t pay attention to shows like American Idol.   They’re just not my thing.

So this caught me completely unaware.   I’m not even sure when it happened.

If I wasn’t already biased against the show, I would be now.

Bravo to Zach for being who he is.

3 cheers to the GLAAD for standing up for TG respect!

And is this the way younger people are going to go?   Instead of identifying as FTM or MTF, will they just be androgynous?

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  1. brooke says:

    Nor do I, but this case is a clear example of people who go into this thinking they have more talent then they do. Not a question if they are T or not. Zack sucked vocally.
    Sure be proud of yourself, but if you live in the margins like we do, have to expect reactions like that from an judgemental public who want everyone to fit into two catagories. Who is Zack kinding! Folks this is reality out there.
    Zack made a point of telling us of where he goes to the bathroom and the suprised looks he gets. we I think Zack likes the attention or why would he make such a point telling everyone.

  2. Bravo Zack’s parents, his mom said he’s eccentric, but she is ok with it, is this the way parents are going to go?

  3. Very interesting story, thank you

  4. Rachael (HK) says:

    Yes, BUT…I saw the episode, it was early on, and definitely Zach was not treated with respect–but for God’s sake, most of the contestants on American Idol aren’t treated with respect. Simon Cowell’s “thing” is to insult them. Randy’s question “Are you a boy or a girl?” was, I think (not entirely sure) not an insult but merely meant to determine the ‘facts”.

    Zach was, I thought, entirely naive about his appearance and it’s impression on people; on the show he seemed surprised that people ‘mistook’ him for a girl, when he wears makeup, shapes his eyebrows, has a feminine hairstyle and clothes and speaks in a fairly feminine voice. Then he says, “I think it’s prejudice not to accept someone because someone’s a boy and they’re singing girl songs.” Prejudice wasn’t what I saw–what I saw was an ill-prepared singer. Given the significance of ‘back-story’ on American Idol, don’t you think the producers would have LOVED to have a decent candidate with such a ‘juicy’ story in the competition? Okay, maybe that in itself would be appalling–use the ‘freak’ to boost ratings, but Zach wasn’t disqualified because he’s a boy who looks like a girl; he was disqualified because he didn’t sing nearly was well as any of the finalists.

    Just one person’s opinion.

    And yes, American Idol is a crummy show that relies on insults and ‘freak factor’ and cringingly bad performances for much of its appeal.

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