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| Feb 23, 2006
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Hi there. Welcome to the first post on my showbiz blog. This is a test as much as anything, so if everything looks like it’s written Chinese or the words are upside down, it’s probably not your computer.  Odds are I’ve hit the wrong button, but I’ll fix it soon enough.

Let’s take a look at a couple of things that have been happening as of late in the exciting, glamourous world of show business.

First off, congratulations to Felicity Huffman for her Golden Globe win Transamerica. And good luck to her in just days at the Oscars where she’s up for Best Actress.

The film’s writer/director Duncan Tucker says it’s been a bumpy road getting the film made. Lots of “thanks but no thanks” responses. (Isn’t that always the case with any movie the doesn’t involve computer generated vampires, computer generated gorillas, or computer generated talking animals?) He says once he maxed-out his credit cards and scraped together about a million dollars, people were interested in becoming involved.

The question a lot of gendered people want to know is why he didn’t cast a TG-person in the TG-role of Bree? Tucker told the Hollywood Reporter, “When you see a transsexual man who doesn’t pass, you think that’s what all trans women look like. And I couldn’t find a transgender actress who had the chops for this part. Also, trans women who pass don’t want to be out of the closet. By casting a woman, that’s where Bree was going, instead of having it be a man in a dress. That’s what she left behind.”

The beloved queen of the big-hair blonde wig, Dolly Parton, will perform the Oscar-nominated song she wrote for Transamerica, “Travelin’ Thru”, on the telecast March 5th.

Huffman and the film have a good “buzz” going, as they say in H’wood, so let’s keep our fingers crossed for Oscar night.

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  1. Maggie says:

    There’s another reason for casting someone like Ms. Huffman in that role. This, as we say here in Hollywood, is not “show play” or “show art”. It’s show business. If you don’t get someone at least halfway recognizable to the community and the audience, no one will think twice about funding it. As it was she was fairly unknown when he cast her and it was just lucky that she was soon to start on a runaway hit.

    The wonderful thing about her performance, I believe, is that although she doesn’t really act like any of the sisters that I know, she does manifest a wonderful physical display of what it feels like for us to reveal ourselves to the world. The inside feelings are shown with the outside behavior.

    Just my two cents…

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