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New Hair!

| Dec 5, 2006
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My birthday is this month.  Not far off from Christmas, actually.  It rather sucked as a child, because my folks couldn’t go nuts on gifts for my birthday, because they were budgeting for Christmas too.  But now that I’m (technically) an adult, it’s not so bad.

Not so bad because I can combine the two events into one big ticket item.  Instead of two smaller gifts. 

And what did I want this year?  New hair.  Red has served me well, but despite all the coddling and caring she has received, it’s time for a new crown.

I asked around my e-mail list, (which features gals in and near the Cincinnati area) for suggestions on good, local wig merchants.  And last Friday, with a couple of recommendations in hand, the Mrs. and I went a-callin’.

We walked into one of the recommended merchants, and they had a heckuva selection.  They also had another woman shopping there.   Her eyes grew wide when she heard me answer the question: “Can we help you find something?”

But ya know?  She lingered around, watching as I tried on a few wigs, (en macho mode), and actually got into it, offering a few suggestions.

Why did she go from “OMG-there’s-a-man-buying-a-wig” to “That-looks-really-nice!”??

A couple of reasons: I didn’t act all creepy.  I wasn’t skulking around.  I went in with confidence.  The obvious lesson is, if you act nervous and suspicious, people will treat you suspiciously.

Reason #2?   I had my wife with me.  And she wasn’t acting weirdly.  This probably did more to calm the other customer (and employees!) nerves.  The thought process, I think, goes along the lines of “if she’s okay with it, it must be okay.”

The wig arrived today, but I won’t be able to get it until Friday, (because they’re on the other side of town).   So, we’ll see how it looks and decide then on whether to keep it or not.


Stumped on what to ask for?  What to give to your friends?  May I make a suggestion or two?

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