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| Nov 10, 2008
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Monday Edition HeaderIt’s the first post election Monday and Barack Obama has been our President Elect since November 4th. I can feel the change in the air. Or is that just humidity? While some believe that now the Federal government will take away our guns (they’ll never find my Derringer!) and that the national anthem will be changed from The Star Spangled Banner to the Run DMC/Aerosmith remake of Walk This Way, I think that those changes are unlikely. (I wouldn’t mind the anthem change, though.)

The change I foresee and welcome is a move away from fear inspired culture war and toward everyone understanding that people are more similar than they are different. That’s the kind of change that has already been occurring culturally and in the new political climate will only happen faster. As TGs we will stand a much better chance of achieving more of the legal protections that have eluded us for the past eight years after President Obama takes office.

That said, it’s time to talk about today’s edition of TGF. First up we have the informative and entertaining complilation of TGs in the news that we call TWIT Notes. The dedicated Ronnie Rho has once again assembled a devastating dollop of trans news including stories about how TG hookers were for Obama and a transgendered mayor got elected in Oregon. There’s that and a lot more in this week’s TWIT Notes.

Next up is our resident therapist Dr. Maureen Osbourne. Her column this month covers the question “Who needs therapy?” Sometimes it seems like most people could use a few sessions but Dr. Osbourne is discussing transgender people who need therapy and why. Don’t miss this month’s Checking in With Osbo’s Bridge Club.

Kalina Isato transformed herself into Wonder Woman for Halloween and she has the pictures to prove it. Learn how she went about the transforming part and enjoy pictures of her Wonder Woman posing with other fabulous costumes at the Halloween ball in The Halloween Queen.

The election is over, Sarah Palin has returned to Alaska and the former Republican campaign staff are talking about her like a bunch of mean high school girls but we can’t let her take time to heal, or bring down her next moose, till we give you the results of the Sarah Palin Halloween Costume Challenge. It’s not much but it’s what we call Sarah Palin Halloween Costume Photos.

Bringing up the rear of this Monday’s offering is Hebe Dotson’s ongoing saga of Terri Sayers. From actress to shop girl we’ve followed her adventures for months. Last installment had her attending a party and running into an old school chum who was dressed in drag. And her new best friend seemed to be getting cozy with the drag queen. Would the cat get out of the bag concerning Terri’s former gender status? Would the queen tell the best friend? Perhaps it would be better if Terri told her friend Chris before she learned from Terri’s old classmate? We find out how all that goes in this chapter of Theresa.

That’s it for now. Don’t forget to comment on our efforts.

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