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Metamorphosis Chapter 24

| Sep 10, 2018
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An enormous three-tiered fountain made of stone, weathered and aged, stood majestically in the middle of a clearing within the barren swamp. The malfunctioning pumping mechanism buzzes with no sign of flowing liquid. The waters in the pool below the broken fountain were stagnant, yet clear.

Music thumped all around myself, and my large companion. From where we stand the song Beat It plays loud and clear, lyrics and all. I could not deny this was the source. However, it isn’t clear what to do next. I scratch my head as Guug plops himself to the ground to take a breather. His eyes follow me as I pace back and racking my brain to figure out this next riddle. I snap.

“Could you maybe not stare at me, please? Holy shit.”

“What you do now? This foul music is making Guug angry!”

“It’s Michael Jackson. I mean, come on!” Was he even serious?

The ogre grimaced and rubbed his belly then spoke, “I know not this wizard, his melodies make Guug sick.”

“Oh hell no, girl. You need to stop it. I can’t even.” I continued pacing.

“Guug is not girl.” He fired back.

“It’s an expression! And before you ask, ‘what is expression?’ it doesn’t matter. What the hell does this fountain have to do with anything?”

“Guug not understand, you have power of light. You know. Don’t you?” Moans the ogre.

“No, if I did I wouldn’t be asking your ass. And now this song is getting annoying.” After twenty-five times, I’m seeing it from Guug’s point of view. I sit on the ledge of the fountain dreaming up my next move. The swamp is becoming darker than usual as storm clouds roll in from the north. Great, another damn rain storm.

I lay back on the ledge and lay my face inwards towards the waters. My eyes get heavy, realizing I haven’t slept in a while. I ponder whether my poisoned body was still laying lifeless miles above this swamp in that bed, within that mock up house the Magistrate created. Was I really me? Is this a dream within a dream? When will I get these hideous pajamas off and get to wear something cute again? Will I ever be able to take a shower and get the stank of swamp off my body? I fall asleep.

“Hey girl,” Lydia had tapped my shoulder to gain my attention. I had spaced out again as the whole room was proposing a toast to the guests of honor.

“Yeah, just thinking.”

“Well, Raquel – it’s a little rude to not raise your glass when there’s a whole party of people toasting you.” She smiled.

Toasting me? Michael Jackson’s famous song played in the backdrop as I stood there amongst all our friends at a party in someone’s apartment. I remember what they said, but I don’t remember what it means.

Cassie glanced over at Lydia and I, then repeated the toast., “To our pioneers. The first of us to take this journey of freedom and acceptance! Cheers.”

I smirked at Lydia, both of us raised our champagne glasses and clanked them together. She put her arm around me as everyone from our support group applauded.

We were going somewhere. A safe place for people like us. We were the first to volunteer because neither myself nor Lydia had ties here any longer. Adam had turned out to be everything I wished he wouldn’t be, and Lydia just didn’t care about anyone else that much. She had lost faith in romance and sold me on this dream location. We were moving.

“Don’t worry, Raquel. We all will follow shortly,” Cassie whispered as she placed her hand on the small of my back gently rubbing.

Cassie was a trans girl in our support group. She’s married to Lucas, a transgender man with a heart of gold. From what I can recall, she and he would have made the journey with us, but he was waiting for the contract on his current job to end in a few months. Where were we going? This was Cassie and Lucas’ apartment. They organized a party for Lydia and I.

“I understand Cassie,” I consoled, “Lucas has to be ready. It’s quite a leap. The murder rate for trans people is through the roof these days. It’s just not safe in the world. So much judgement. Especially by those who hide behind religion to spew hatred. I feel like this is the only thing to come out of his Presidency that we can get behind.”

“I agree. Such a strange move after all these horrible things that have happened over the last six years. It’s almost unbelievable.”

“Almost,” I responded in a sardonic tone. 

I gazed through the drawn blinds out the living room window. as the sunset fell below the tree line. A ray of sunlight beamed across the center of the lake in the middle of the apartment complex. There it was! The identical fountain sitting in a circular dog walking park on the opposite side of the complex.

Thunder rumbles the ledge of the fountain as my eyes open from the dream. I still face the waters and see something peculiar as lightning lights up the sky. With every flash, I notice the reflection of houses in the still waters. I get up and run around the perimeter. More lighting, reveals more houses. I think I know what I have to do.

“Raquel! What you do?”

“I have to go my friend. I’ve found the way out. I don’t think you were meant to come with me.”

“Yes,” he mutters as his head lowers nearly touching the ground.

I race over to my giant baby, and place my tiny hand under his chin and push upwards until his eyes meet mine, “I will see you again. I don’t know how and I don’t know when. But I wanted to thank you for everything. Charlie. You made me feel like a real woman for the first time. You treated me like a lady before anyone else.”

Before my eyes, the Ogre shrinks down to the size of a human. The cold gray color in his skin transforms into a pale white, then back to an olive color. Charlie sat there, my hand still under his chin. Simultaneously, tears fall from my eyes, along with rain from the heavens above.

“You are a woman. Don’t let them take that from you. This is your world, not theirs,” Charlie commands. 

“Is this really happening? I am where I think I am, aren’t I?”

“Lydia didn’t want you to remember until it was time. You are ready to face this evil head on now.”

“If this is my world where is she?” I worried.

“She’s in trouble and she needs you. They all do. Goodbye. I love you.”

He disappears into thin air leaving me alone again.  Ethereal voices from the darkened sky overhead speak. It sounds like before, but this time I hear fear in their voices. Echoes dance around my mind as the music comes to a halt.

“There is a breach,” one says.

“That’s impossible,” says the other.

I stand on the ledge of the fountain, close my eyes, wait a few moments. I tremble. This whole situation is seriously messed up. How did I get myself into this mess? I pondered staying here. At least I was safe! Screw it — I hurl myself into the water.

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This is the last chapter of Metamorphosis to be published on TGForum. The whole book will be available from in 2019.

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  1. Evyrling Evyrling says:

    Great work Racquel, I never missed an episode..looking forward to owning a copy! What will I do now!? Love n Hugs ???

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