Male vs. Female Non-Verbal Communication

| Dec 19, 2016
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There are many differences been males and females regarding non-verbal tendencies in communication.  

Females [f]: claim less territory as their own

Males [m]: more likely to have more room at home

F: women stand closer to each other in conversation

M: maintains greater distance from each other in conversation

F: use more eye contact than men

M: use less eye contact than women

F: use more facial expression

M: reveal less emotion through facial expression

F: will return a smile when smiled at and smile more

M: smile less than women

F: take up less space with their bodies, hold their legs close together when seated and keep their arms closer to their bodies

M: tend to have legs apart at about 15 degree angle and hold their arms further apart than women

F: use more gestures with men than when talking to women

M: use the same amount of gesturing with men as with women

F: cross their legs at the the knees or cross ankles with knees slightly apart

M: tend to sit with their legs apart or with legs stretched out in front of them, or with their shins resting at the knee of the other foot

F: play with their hair or clothing, or place their hands in their laps

M: use sweeping arm and hand gestures

F: don’t necessarily interpret a man’s touch as a sexual initiation

M: often interpret a woman’s touch as a sexual invitation 

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