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Mad skillz

| Aug 15, 2007
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If you look at crossdressing, I think you’ll find a number of secondary benefits. Oh, sure, we learn how to walk in heels, and we’re sympathetic towards women because we know how high heels can hurt. We know how to coordinate an outfit. (Well, some of us do.) Many of us have learned to not only tolerate shopping, but actually enjoy it. These are all traits that give us a social advantage over non-crossdressing males.

But there’s something else we learn that works to our advantage.

We know how to lie.

And we know how to do it well. After a lifetime of hiding our secret from our loved ones, perhaps even denying things to ourselves, we’ve become adept at misdirection, obfuscation, and truth avoidance. And we use this skill in other areas. Even if we are out and open with our loved ones about the gender stuff, we still bend the truth.

We know how to lie on the spot: “Were you smoking again?” “No, I was talking to Bob in the parking lot, and you know how he smokes. That’s probably what you smell…”

And we know how to do it with just enough detail to be convincing: “Why were you late, honey?”

<>”Augh! Don’t ask. I got onto the freeway, and was stuck behind this moron doing 45 in the right lane. And the jerks in the center lane wouldn’t let me over. And then it started to rain, so the bozo in front of me slowed down to 35…”

<>So, the next time you wonder what you’ve gained from crossdressing, you can proudly say it’s taught you dishonesty!

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