Let’s Look Ahead: 5 Top Wishes for Next Year

| Dec 21, 2015
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I’ve never really worked out why the approach of the end of the 12-month cycle we call a year causes so much anticipation, excitement and emotion.

We try to draw a line in the march of time on December 31st every year; treat the end of the aforesaid cycle as a chance for a new beginning; to take the chance to do things we had hoped or promised to do in the last twelve months… but, invariably, never did—for example, doing more exercise, stopping smoking or drinking, or taking up a new hobby.

Yet, in reality, whilst things never usually change that much once January has come and gone, it’s often nice to look forward in some sort of hope—hope that T people everywhere, and not just in Thailand, can begin to live their lives in a more contented and fulfilled way: free of the worry of prejudice and discrimination that’s still so rife amidst our societies.

So, just in case someone has a magic wand, here are my top 5 wishes for the T community for the new year ahead (most of which I hope for every year!);

  • The various sub-sets of the LGBT acronym set aside their differences and try to find a common approach to the various, long standing issues which still, in varying degrees, are faced by the overall LGBT community.
  • The different groups within the T sub-set itself (such as CD’s, TGs TS’ T’s (both MtF and FtM) gay-T’s etc) can come together to more effectively press for change in respect of matters which affects the general welfare of concerned individuals (let’s say medical care and benefits for those needing to transition, for example).
  • One way or another, the general public becomes better educated and starts to understand more about T people and the various shades of T which exist under the T umbrella (again for the benefit of both MtF and FtM).
  • Instances of bigotry and prejudice against T people when simply out and about or in places of employment are reduced and breaches of these basic human rights to freedom of expression and non-discrimination are no longer tolerated.
  • The emotions stirred up by politicians and far-right conservative, often religious based, organizations in respect of the “bathroom wars” are dampened down or doused; that the speakers of hate and bitterness in the media against T people just stop and listen to what they saying, even if only for a few moments (ahh…, if only…).

Personally, I feel that these five little wishes are not too much to wish for…

Though quite whey we need to wait until the end of the annual 12-month cycle to put in more effort to try to actually do something about all of them, I’ll never know!

Make a resolution now and let’s try and deal with these issues month-in, month-out—until they are all dealt with and consigned to history!

Well, I can but hope… ?


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  1. CateOMalley CateOMalley says:

    I have to agree also, especially all of the T’s put aside our differences and come together.

  2. JosyC JosyC says:

    I agree. That would would make for a happy new year for sure.