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Layers of Identity

| Mar 28, 2022
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Misha Monroe

It’s funny, my first dabbling in dressing, I was all about the lingerie. I did a lot of Thrift Store shopping (the Thrill of the Hunt!), and picked up anything that fit with the classic ’60s stripper aesthetic. Black Lacy lingerie, silky slips and of course black hose and heels.

I still appreciate that look but I’ve come to understand the challenges and rewards of developing my own age and body appropriate style. Conservative and classy exterior. Smoldering sensuality beneath.

Layering. Like layering warm clothing in the winter. Or layering moisturizer, primer, foundation and contouring — step by step. I’ve also come to embrace silver or salt and pepper hair — an echo and acknowledgement of the (still full, thankfully) silver mane beneath the lace front I’m sporting when en femme. More layering. Does anyone  reading this find their look changing and evolving? In what way?

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I’m a mature passable Crossdresser, devoted to total transformation. Monthly mani-pedis and waxings, shapewear, squats and leg toning workouts, big bouncy breast forms and a total commitment to maximizing my femininity with makeup. hair and high heel strutting skills. I started late so I’m making up for lost time! I love celebrating my femininity. And I love being admired and desired. Don't be afraid to reach out to say hi if you like what you see! xo Misha

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