Keeping Secrets

| Aug 15, 2022
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In Chapters 11 and 12 of my blog, I describe just a few of the lengths I undertook to discover what my crossdressing husband was up to beyond simply enjoying his feminine side through lingerie and our erotic sexual pursuits. However, there were many other methods I used that I have decided to keep to myself, and I am not proud to say, some were beyond devious. I was bound and determined to find out the depth of his deception and just how big of a fool I had been played.

If you are one of the estimated 48% of CD/TG men in an exclusive relationship who have never disclosed your special pastime to your SO and are convinced she doesn’t know — think again, my friend. We have all heard the reference to a “woman’s intuition” or a “sixth sense.” I am not sure I believe in such ideas, but I know one thing for sure — there is no greater detective than a suspicious woman who feels deceived by the one person she needs to trust above all others — her life partner.

Perhaps it was the discovery of unfamiliar panties or a bra. Maybe hidden accessories or an unexpected glimpse as you were pulling on your pants over a pink thong. Maybe it was something more compelling like discovering a hidden app on your phone, a receipt for an unusual purchase, or monitoring internet traffic — perhaps to sites like TGForum.

We all have secrets, and it is human nature to lie now and then, even to those we love and respect. Often it involves an undisclosed bank account, extravagant spending, a past love interest you keep in contact with, or perhaps in your case, a secret wardrobe, and clandestine passions.

If you have been keeping your feminine passions a secret but have concerns that your SO may be speculating something is going on, you could be at a perilous crossroads in your relationship and your life. Self-disclosure is a terrifying prospect for many after maintaining secrecy for years. Yet, others are prepared to defend and walk if the truth comes out, and their SO is anything but understanding and supportive. Each situation is unique because everyone is different, and no two relationships are alike. However, fear is often a shared ingredient.

If you feel completely overwhelmed or are staunchly against voluntarily “coming out,” then living with what you have already kept a secret isn’t much of a change. It’s status quo until something shifts your resolution to stay quiet, or until you are unexpectedly confronted and then must decide which course to take, to divulge or deny. Each course has potentially life-changing consequences and only you can decide which one to take.

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