It’ll Be Awhile

| May 30, 2016
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I know it seems ridiculous… People scared of others because of how they look. Not just unwilling to purchase the books with unique covers, but actually fearing them vehemently and even lobbying for their abolition. Well, I’d say we’ve been here before… But let’s be honest. We’re just still here.

And if you’re waiting for change… Yep, you guessed it. It’ll be awhile.

I don’t know how to change it. If I did you would be drinking the sweet nectar of my sage advice on this blog instead of gargling this moonshine mouthwash. It will be awhile because we are still afraid. What will happen if my son is really a girl? What will happen if I have biracial grandchildren? The hypotheticals and ensuing nightmarish projections that people sometimes project into their futures are enough of a shackle to prohibit the expression of love.

Love. The central motive force behind all creative action in the world. Without it there’s no music, no cell phone, no tv show, no cookies, no books, no airplanes, no fucking, no babies. No one doubts that we humans have the capacity to push through epic adversity when survival is on the line… But it seems like our humanity wanes during times of relative peace. Something sleeps inside of us. Divides us, and creates enemies out of shadows and echoes.

We are fighting a fight that may not end soon, and it’s that fight that invigorates us and makes us beautiful. It may be awhile, but we are warriors of the human heart…artists of the sacred art, soul expression. We thrive in adversity and our power comes from the eternal source. The curling wave. The opposition of stagnation.

We know who we are and refuse to deny it. And you deserve a pat on the back today for sticking it out. We are guerrilla warriors with no forts or camps to retire to. It may be awhile, but this world is our home and it will always support us. We follow the same rules that Mother Nature laid out for our Sister Earth… That life is diverse, but not divided. That life is of many body types, shapes, shades and colors but is irrefutably connected. We trans folks necessarily understand that connection and it is for that reason I remain hopeful. It may be awhile before others understand it too, but we help them learn by being our amazing, fabulous selves.

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