How Cool is Cold?

| Jul 7, 2014
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I wonder about the most obscure things; well maybe not the “most” obscure things. I haven’t been everywhere in the world so I can’t attest to knowing the “most” of anything. Unlike those people who make ribs and hamburgers and other delicacies who can claim “world’s greatest” or “most delicious.” That’s an expensive certification process — traveling around the world, sampling everything in and around their area of focus and expertise and then delivering unbiased claims and unadulterated professions of quality. I would buy something because the advertisement professed something to be “best in the world” wouldn’t you?

So you’re saying you’re discerning? If you’re not, honey, there’s an education coming your way and it has the potential to become painfully obvious that you need to learn quickly. In our zone of travel we need to be particularly careful about what we believe and what we dismiss as extensive blather and nonsense designed to relieve us of our financial gain. We also need to realize that although we may be ‘technically’ protected by the justice system, laws were not always championed to do anything more than mollify the squeaky wheel. Laws get politicians reelected. Sometimes laws are good and other times laws are so much window dressing. Don’t put all your coinage on number 36 every time the roulette wheel is spun.

There are two (or more) sides to every discussion. How well do you know the person in whom you are placing trust? Does it sometimes feel like the cliff is over the next undulation of the field? Go slow sisters, go slow. Yes I repeated it and I’ll repeat it again. Modeling your actions after George Custer might prove disastrous. Follow blindly; I think not. Grab a girlfriend by the hand and pull her aside if you see a precipice looming in the distance.

Obligation, am I creating an obligation for you? Absolutely my friends, friendship carries responsibilities. If you translate responsibility to mean obligation are you serving anyone’s interest? Yep, controversy is somewhere in my development. So I evaluate as often as my pretty blonde (wait I was a brunette last week) head can handle.

cool-tempA corollary arrives on the wings of vocal chords. I’ve been told something is “cool.” Then I hear something is really cool.” Does that mean things are cool squared? I’ve heard something labeled “super cool.” Does that mean you measure the absolute temperature utilizing the Kelvin scale? What happens when things are really, really cool? Does that mean things are cold; frozen? We’ve used the phrase “that’s cold.” If we say you’re really, really cool that means you’re cold?

I worry that all this time I’ve been insulting rather than flattering with my words.

Could I be transposing something upon which I am transfixed? Additionally I get hung up on the use of adverbs. You know all those really adverbially speaking people. Actually, some people speak in proverbs. Maybe it’s existentialism. Surely we could probably and in all likelihood (is there a partial likelihood?) get to the actual point more quickly. So literally speaking, why not get to the point without having to leave things to interpretation?

Interpretation is dangerous in the wrong hands. Call someone “special” and you could mean anything from gifted and wonderful to needing remedial education. Isn’t it nuts?

I am as guilty as the next person. I label someone “the best.” Does that mean I can’t label someone else “the best”? Can there be more than one “best” at something? I guess it’s like being the #1 Fan. How many #1 fans of the same team can there be? I guess it’s problematic to have consecutively numbered #[blank] Fan license plates, shirts, sponge hands, etc.

Get where I’m going? Or are you running in the opposite direction?

Yes, I ramble. Utilize your discernment. Decide which piece of what I spout means anything to you. Do the same with others. Hold closely the words that inspire. And draw closer to those with whom you have developed friendship. We all need friends; cool friends. Maybe we have really cool friends. They will never be cold to you if they are genuine and loyal. Only you know the answer. Don’t sell your friendship blindly. It is one of the few things nobody can take from you without your permission.

Love and hugs, Nikki

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