Holiday Season Approaching

| Nov 2, 2015
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Halloween passed yesterday as I write this, so now it’s November. And, here in the US, that means two things: Thanksgiving is coming and the onslaught of Christmas.

For the record, as I work retail, I hate the holiday season. People just get meaner as Christmas approaches, and every year it gets worse. The holidays bring out the worst in people.

What about for transpeople? So many of us are estranged from their loved ones because of their Truth that this time of year can be hell. For example, I know many TGs who were disowned by their families. In my case, while I’m not disowned, I can’t celebrate the holidays with Wife and Daughter due to how my Mother in Law feels. I am fortunate — my parents accept me, so at least I have somewhere to go.

Sophie Halloween

Can’t it be Halloween for months instead?

Yet, so many of us don’t. How many TGs sit home alone on Thanksgiving and Christmas? Far too many. There’s a reason that suicides spike this time of year — and not just TG ones. It’s a time of loneliness and Pain; far more pain than usual. In the holiday season, people become busy and bitter, and forget the traits that make them human.

I am lucky, and I know it. However, my roomie and bestie, Linda, is not. As she has written many times on “Facialbook,” her parents have disowned her. I see first hand how much that hurts. So… what to do? In my case, it’s simple — I invited her to join me at my parents’ house for Thanksgiving dinner. (Actually, my parents insisted. They really like Linda.) So while that may not replace the hole left in her heart by her parents’ rejection, at least she won’t be alone, and she’ll get a good meal.

I would love to suggest that everyone invite just one TG to their tables, but that just isn’t going to happen. Many TGs are deep in the closet, and the presence of an “out” TG person at the family table would bring up questions… and perhaps out the host(ess.) And besides, that kind of Caring is socialism, according to a certain political party’s propaganda. So… what can we do?

I know that Mara Keisling of NCTE and Jennifer Finney Boylan among many other LGBT people run a hotline for people to Talk during the holidays. It costs nothing to get the word out (As of this writing, this years’ contact information has yet to be released.) It also costs nothing but time to give a call to a TG friend that you know is alone on the Holidays (and face it — we ALL know at least one.)

We can’t cure the issue Today, as it’s a deep rooted one: rejection of TGs. But we can, in our own little ways, try to help. We, TGs, are a family. We are a family of those who suffer because of an accident of birth. Our bonds make us Strong when strength is needed. And during the Holidays, strength IS needed, so very desperately.

I have written many times about my dearest friend Lisa, and how I would’ve done ANYTHING to keep her from doing what she did. Maybe, by making a phone call, by initiating Human contact, you can save someone’s life.

Is that so much to ask?

Be Well.

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