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Hello Transgendered People! Stand by for news!

| Feb 26, 2007
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Legislators on the state and federal levels are considering gender identity protection bills; A company in India wants to train you for a job; New films feature TG themes; Authors familiar to the TG community appear on the telly.  All this and more in TWITGF!

TWITGF?  This Week in TGForum.   Maybe we need to work on that acronym.


Congress has had a heckuva time getting ENDA passed in years past.  But, with a new party in control, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act may actually succeed this year.  And more importantly, Rep. Barney Frank is on-board with the inclusion of a gender identity clause.  Read more in a new window at


According to the Associated Press, Connecticut lawmakers are considering adding gender identity to the state’s laws prohibiting discrimination.  It’s not the first time they’ve tried.  (Details at, which will open in a new window.)


Can’t find a job in the US?  Might as well move to India, as that’s where all the jobs have gone anyway.  And according to ChennaiOnline, there’s a job training program for TGs.


The ABC soap opera “All My Children” has a transsexual character.  Now, according to the, they’re going to have several more.  AMC plans a March 9th episode where Zoee goes to a support group meeting.  And who is the facilitator at the meeting?  No other than author, and post-op TS, Jennifer Flynn Boylan.


Speaking of writers, Helen Boyd, author of “My Husband Betty” is back with a new book.  And last week, she appeared on the Dr. Keith Ablow Show, along with the infamous Betty. 

Catch Part One here.  And Part Two here.  (Both on YouTube, and both will open in new windows.)


From one of our newstippers: a film fest in San Jose, CA, features a couple of flicks with TG themes: 

For seventeen years Cinequest has brought revolutionary LGBT programming to the South Bay. Don’t miss these great films plus legendary producer Christine Vachon, the woman responsible for some of the best LGBT films of the past 20 years.

Christine Vachon – Maverick Spirit Event
An Evening with Maverick Producer Christine Vachon
Cinequest is excited to expose its audience to one of the most dynamic independent producers of all time, Christine Vachon. Vachon is a woman who broke down barriers and forged an incredible career. Her films entertain while addressing the pain of life, move the audience emotionally as they are introduced to characters from a different walk than themselves and leave the audience with something to think about as they exit the theater.Quickly becoming one of the most sought after producers, Vachon has been recognized with numerous awards for her work on such films as The Notorious Bettie Page, Mrs. Harris, The Company, Camp, Party Monster, One Hour Photo, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Happiness, Velvet Goldmine, I Shot Andy Warhol, Go Fish, Swoon, Far From Heaven (nominated for four Academy Awards®) and the Academy Award winning Boys Don’t Cry.In 1994, Vachon was awarded the Frameline Award for Outstanding Achievement in Lesbian and Gay Media and in 1996 was honored with the prestigious Muse Award for Outstanding Vision and Achievement by New York Women in Film and Television. She received the IFP’s 1999 Gotham Award for producing, has been honored by the New York Film Critics Circle for her work on Far From Heaven, and received the Producer of the Year award from the National Board of Review.Join us for what will truly be a memorable Cinequest moment as we learn more about the world of Christine Vachon, one of the most important independent producers working today.

Friday, March 2nd
7:15 p.m.
Camera 12 Cinemas (201 South Second St., San Jose)

The Curiosity of Chance
80s’ style teen angst, meshes with drag queens as an already ‘out’ and eccentric teenager recruits a bizarre circle of friends to help him bring down the homophobic bully threatening his would-be peaceful, high school existence. Sideways ponytails, leg warmers and neon are back and in full effect in this plum from history. Crafted with visual flair, a charismatic lead in Tad Hilgenbrinck and an abundance of wit, Chance pokes fun at the decade of excess, its fashion, music and ideology.

Trained in the Ways of Men
San Jose Repertory Theatre
Sat. March 10, 7:45PM.
Also showing March 11, 4:45PM
World Premiere

Shelly Prevost’s powerful documentary explores the controversial events surrounding the violent murder of Gwen Araujo in Newark, California—a murder that shocked the country when it made national headlines.

Prevost explores the case that attracted famous attorneys, spawned a made-for-TV movie, compelled almost 1000 people to attend Gwen Araujo’s memorial service and thousands more to march in the streets demanding justice. 

Call (408) 295-FEST or go to for more info, to purchase tickets, and to see other great films, parties and events. Cinequest 17 occurs February 28 through March 11, 2007 in downtown San Jose.

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