Hair Today — Epilators: A Review

| Sep 19, 2016
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A few weeks ago my epilator finally arrived. An epilator is a tweezing machine made up of several rotating metal and/or ceramic discs, slightly offset so that they can grab hairs. I ordered a model by Philips that cost about 30 dollars, somewhere in the mid to low price range, and wasn’t sure exactly what level of quality to expect.

I love it. It has completely changed my life.

epilator_lrgeThat being said, it looks like a device from one of the Saw movies and sounds somehow more terrifying. I read a tutorial online and the first two steps were;

1.Turn your epilator on

2.Turn it off, put it down and take a deep breath.. You’re still alive.

I do not take hormones and have been managing my hair growth through tweezing my face and body.. While still shaving my arms and legs. Though it works at removing facial and body hair, I did notice some stubble coming after a day two, which may have been the result of user error . . . but I think some of those hairs are still just a bit too thick for the machine to pull effectively. The best use I have found for it is on my legs, arms and underarms. I had been shaving every two to three days and, though the first round was a bit traumatic. I am only having to use it once or twice a week now to maintain. And the stubble is gone so I could be lazier about it, I suppose. The most important thing is to exfoliate vigorously prior to epilating as the occurrence of ingrown hairs is definitely increased.

Anyway, the epilator is a great invention, and a convenient alternative to waxing at home. I wish I had gotten it sooner. Try it out!

Philips Satinelle HP6401, available from Walmart
$29. Free shipping

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