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| Jan 31, 2011
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Time. “Time keeps flowing like a river.” “Life is too short, so why waste precious time?” Insert another song reference here. Time is very precious to a closeted cross dresser as any moment we have as our fem-selves is absolute gold. Makes sense — time is money after all. So extra time as Sophie is absolute heaven.

That’s where conferences come in. I’ve been to three so far: The Keystone Conference twice and the Empire Conference. If you search, it seems there’s a conference in the US almost every weekend. The biggest are Be-All in Chicago and Southern Comfort (SCC) in Atlanta, with hundreds if not thousands of t-girls attending. There are too many to name, really.

So what is a conference? To start, it’s an opportunity to be dressed for a few days in a row. And oh those nights! I’ll get back to those.

During the day, attendees go to seminars about all aspects of this thing we do, and at all levels. Just starting? There are classes on makeup. Need more? Walking, voice, and comportment classes. Transitioning? There are always doctors doing consultations and seminars on surgeries and hormones.

Did I mention you’re in a skirt or dress or whatever the whole time? Get your wardrobe ready, because you WILL need it!

Of course, the whole time you’re meeting people who share our little slice of the world. These people who have the same secret are usually so friendly and outgoing, especially to people new to this. And they know how to enjoy the night! Yes, it seems that all of us understand how precious our fellowship is, and it also seems we all know our way around a bar.

The nights at a conference usually have a fabulous activity or three planned. Perhaps dinner downtown in a nice restaurants. Did you bring your LBD? Maybe a trip to a casino where you can “blow on some other guy’s dice?” Skiing? Talent show? How about some bar hopping? Why not all of them? Remember — moderation. Going to seminars the next day with a horrible hangover sucks (trust me, I know this!)

It seems that every conference ends with a big gala ball. Dress to impress! Gowns and gold and shiny everything atop hot strappy heels. You KNOW you look fabulous and all eyes are on you!

Yes, conferences offer a lot but it’s the old cliché that you get out of it what you put into it. You can’t learn anything sitting in your room the whole time. Yeah, taking those first steps out of that room can be incredibly hard. Remember, you’re not there alone! Others are waiting to embrace the real you!

Also, all you’ll get if you sit in the bar 24/7 is a huge bar bill. Sure, you’ll know the bartenders’ names. Whoopee. Participate! Attend seminars! Circulate! Yes, it’s all scary. So very scary. But think of the benefits. Think of them as small steps for you but giant leaps for the woman within.

In early march, I will attend my third Keystone Conference in Harrisburg, PA.  I decided I needed to spread my wings a bit, so this year, I am — PRESENTING! (Crash of thunder, spooky music.) Yes, I will be leading a seminar. Talk about scary — waking up early to do makeup and having people come to hear what I have to say. Yikes! My topic is “Writing Transgender fiction: Styles and Form.” Yes, I’m qualified to speak about this, smartie pants.

How do I get away with the time? What did I tell my wife and friends? Well, I lied. Sigh. I told my wife I’m going to a conference for my work. I paid for it with eBay sales. I’m rooming with a dear friend to reduce expenses. The lie Hurts. Is it worth that pain? Yes. I learn so much just by being Sophie for a few days straight, never mind everything else.

So if you can make it, come on out to a conference. If you can do Keystone, great! If not, support the one near you. You’ll be a better person for it, and you’ll have FUN!

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    Sophie Lynne, enjoyed your article about TG Conferences since I, like you, have been able to attend several. I have presented at several and hope your talk at Keystone is well received. I am not able to attend Keystone which I understand is well run; I plan on going to Empire and Be-All and will present a talk on support groups. I am also the program director of Fantasia Fair and would recommend that as it’s the longest running TG event. I you would like to present there (or anyone), send me a note to Have a wonderful day. Huggs, Jan