Forming Safe and Healthy Relationships While Transgender

| Sep 13, 2021
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By Guest Contributor Anastasiia Newlin

Forming a safe and healthy relationship is a challenge for everyone. It’s not easy to meet a partner who is understanding, caring, and loyal. But once we find someone who completes us, the world changes instantly. Everything becomes full of colors. Love keeps us happy even when some other aspects of life aren’t perfect. Those are challenges and rewards everyone, including transgender people, faces. But transgender singles have to overcome even bigger obstacles to find worthy partners.

Dating Safety Tips for Transgender People

Love is important but not as much as safety. Jumping into relationships headfirst isn’t a good strategy for forming healthy relationships. Many transgender people with low self-esteem do that because they get thrilled every time someone likes them. That often leads to disappointment. It’s one thing to hook up with someone you don’t know, but starting a relationship and expecting that you’ll make it work for sure is something else.

That’s why the first dating tip for transgender people is to take things slow if they want to build a healthy relationship. Here are some more:

  • Don’t reveal too much personal info too soon
  • Don’t be desperate because that makes you an easy target for predators
  • Be honest about your intentions, which will protect your and potential partners’ feelings

Places to Find Like-Minded People – From the USA to Africa

Transgender people can meet partners anywhere they go, the same as straight people. Still, most transgender people, especially African-Americans, don’t want to explain to random people in bars what being transgender means. That’s why they join this site where everybody knows what transgender is. It’s focused on black singles, an additional plus for transgender people from the USA or Africa. People of other races can join, but the majority of members are African-Americans. Not all of them are transgender, but many of them are or don’t mind dating transgender people.

Online dating is the best way for transgenders to meet like-minded people because it connects them with thousands of people. But there are good ways to meet potential partners offline too. Attending events for transgenders or joining local LGBTQ+ clubs helps a lot. Still, it doesn’t come close to meeting someone online.

Famous Black Transgender Activists that People Follow

Activists are the treasure of this world because they bring changes and help to make the world better. We’ll mention 3 inspiring transgender activists helping to make the world better for LGBTQ+ members.

Mariah Moore

We’ll start with Mariah Moore, although she isn’t an activist per se. She’s a social justice advocate trying to make an impact by running for New Orleans City Council. Hopefully, she’ll manage to get the spot and help transgender people get more recognition.

Angelica Ross

Another inspiring transgender lady is Angelica Ross. The founder of TransTech Social Enterprises uses her skills and influence to fight for transgender rights. She does everything possible to increase the number of transgender people who work in IT. Also, her official site is full of links with her interviews where she shares her story to help other transgender people navigate through the world.

Sir Lady Java

Sir Lady Java is a well-known name in Los Angeles, not only among African-American transgenders but among everybody. She’s active for decades, and her work on and off stage empowered many transgender people. Her activism laid the foundation for today’s fight for transgender rights. Java does everything. She sings, dances, does comedy, acts, a real inspiration for new generations of transgender people.

Tips to Build Healthy Relationships

Knowing how to stay safe and where to meet partners is dating 101, but knowing how to build a healthy relationship is even more important. We’ll list some crucial tips below:

  • Be honest all the time, share your feelings
  • Be ready for compromises; you’re in a relationship, your partner isn’t your slave
  • Spend quality time together, try new things now, and then
  • Be loyal; one night of excitement isn’t worth ruining a lifetime of love

Add the tools from this article to your arsenal, and you’ll build a healthy relationship simpler than you’d imagine.

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