| Oct 14, 2019
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“Oooh, I love that feeling,” my new friend purred as we walked down the hotel corridor. I had just helped her with the finishing touches of her makeup and we were heading out -– her for the first time as Jennie -– on a shopping expedition.

I don’t do it often these days but I love helping fellow t-girls get ready and take that first step ‘out of the closet’. Jennie and I had been exchanging messages. I had noted her progress in getting ready to step out. We had met in a city where she was sure to know nobody. The day before, she in drab and me en femme, had also gone shopping at Macy’s. I had tried on outfits with the instruction that she was to imagine how she would look in them and pick the ones she liked best. Of course she was also paying.

We bought a pink pencil skirt and a lighter pink blouse. She wanted to buy a dress that I showed her but I advised that she might be able to do much better price wise at Ross. I also helped her buy the makeup she would need.

After the stop at Ross where she didn’t end up saving any money because she bought three dresses I modelled for her for pretty much the same price as the one at Macy’s. Isn’t that always the way?

That evening, back at the hotel we had Jennie try on her new outfits and makeup. She looked fabulous. I wanted to go with her to the hotel restaurant right away but she insisted she was not ready. Instead we ordered room service and chatted the night away.

The next morning we had met in the restaurant for breakfast, again she in drab, me wearing a skirt and blouse. We arranged a meeting time for her makeover and it was done. Now the question was would she actually step out of the room.

“I’m ready,” she pronounced and before she had time to change her mind I had the door open checking to see that the hallway was empty. Nothing drives a novice CD back in to her room faster than encountering someone in the hallway. The coast was clear. We made our way past the elevator to the stairway. I was happy she had chosen to wear her pink skirt and blouse. The skirt came to just above her gorgeous knees. For a genetic male she had lovely legs and a nice slim figure.

“Oooh, I love that feeling,” she had said.

“The feeling of being out of the closet?” I asked.

“That too.”

“The feeling of being the woman you were always meant to be?” I tried again.

“No, I love the feeling of the hem of my skirt pressing against my thighs,” she replied.

“Oh my God, I love that too!” I said. I think it had been a long time since I’d given any thought to the tactile enjoyment I get; perhaps we all get, from our forays in to the feminine world. The male me doesn’t give a damn how a pair of slacks or shorts or a shirt fits on me or how the fabric feels. However put me in a dress or skirt and blouse and it is a whole new world of sensations. Jennie was feeling it, too.

Jennie was a very perceptive person. “You know when I have dressed before usually I have been at home or alone in a hotel room. I’m usually sitting. But now as I walk I get to feel the skirt on my thighs. I feel my heels higher off the floor than usual and I feel the skirt tight around my butt. “

“Well you could take slightly smaller steps and put one foot almost in front of the other,” I responded, “but how does the towel feel?” I had padded her hips out a bit by wrapping one of the hotel’s hand towels around her hips and smoothed in out under her panty hose. I had also shown her how to tuck her ‘charlie’ away so there would be no bulge in the front of the skirt.

“The towel is okay and looks very natural. Thanks.”

“All part of the service. But you look great,” I said honestly.

We spent a good part of the day back at Macy’s and Ross both of us trying on outfits and looking around. We also visited a Dillard’s, a Marshalls and even Goodwill. When I showed Jennie the clip earrings available at the Goodwill she was in Heaven.

The day went on but at some point I got thinking back to her comment about the feeling of her skirt against her thighs as she walked. I started thinking about the other great tactile feelings that come with crossdressing.

It really goes back to my very earliest days of crossdressing. I was all of five or six years old. I know because I remember where we were living at the time. Our military family moved around quite a bit. At that age I became fascinated by the feeling of my mother’s bathing suit even loose as it was around my body, the shoulder straps holding the one-piece suit up, the cups of her built in bra were probably down at my waist but it didn’t matter.

A few years later and a lot bigger I tried on one of her bras, hell I was continually trying them on. I mimicked what she did, putting on the bra back to front, doing up the clasps before spinning it around to slip her arms through the straps before adjusting her boobs in the cups. Of course I didn’t have to adjust any boobs and I still needed to use that third clasp and then some but I loved the feeling of the bra straps across my back and shoulders. Now I don’t think I’ve ever met a girl or woman who has said she enjoys the feeling of bra straps but after many years I still love them and crave the chances to wear a bra. And of course now I REALLY love the feeling of those size 7 breast forms weighty but constrained by one of my favorite bras. It is like my chest comes alive when I am feeling my bra and breast forms. I can’t help sneaking peeks in mirrors to see if my breasts look as good as they feel. They do.

What other feelings do I enjoy? Perhaps you know and agree with me. Perhaps you have other tactile feelings that sort of turn you on.

I enjoy the feeling I get in my legs below the knee as I wear and walk in heels. For me it is not really high heels. Mine tend to be one to two inches, three inches max. I enjoy how the heels tighten my leg muscles and give them a nice shape, too. I even enjoy the feelings in my feet when those heels just slightly compress my feet bones together. Then put panty hose or stockings around those legs and that’s a big wow. When someone else runs a hand along the nylon fabric: that is a big turn-on, too.

I used to enjoy the feeling of my legs when freshly shaven. The shaving not only takes off the hair, it takes off a thin layer of skin. Have you ever noticed that when shaving in a warm bath the water feels nicely warmer when you submerge the freshly shaven part of the leg? Why? New skin, that’s why.

I have forgone that freshly shaven feeling for about 20 years now. Once a very hairy person I now wax away my body and leg hair regularly. At first that was not an enjoyable feeling. Each tug of the wax strip brought new sharp pain that fortunately quickly subsided only to be replaced by the pain from another strip pull. But here is the thing: the pain happened because relatively big hair follicles were being pulled out of very small holes in the skin. After only a few times of waxing the big follicles were all gone and so was most of the pain. Most? Yes we waxers are also feeling an old layer of skin go with the hair. That will sting a bit. I love that feeling because I know what comes next. I will be rubbing my hands across my body and not feeling those hated body hairs. Now the waxing is virtually painless. Waxing the calves of my legs gives a wonderful tingling feeling.

It goes from toe to head. I’m bald partly from loss of hair, partly from head shaving. So when I’m en femme I am always wearing a wig. Girls I bet you enjoy the feeling of that wig band around your head, just like I do. I don’t enjoy the feeling of sweat build up on those really hot days on the golf course for instance or when I’ve been too active on the dance floor but I have learned how to deal with that. A few paper towels placed under the wig help a lot. For me the wig band feeling is partly a sense of security. It has only happened once to me in public but when something like a low tree branch pulls that wig off it is better to know about it sooner rather than later.

Those delicious feelings come from all around the body. I’m one of those people who enjoy it when women show a bit of breast with their plunging neck line. Yes I can tell when a push up bra is being used but I don’t mind. That shows me a woman who is doing her best to show off her sexuality. So naturally the femme me likes to show a bit of cleavage, too. That is do-able when I pull and tape my pectoral muscles closer together. I often use those skin tone silicone sticky tabs they are selling now. Apparently I do a pretty good job because when I’m at a social occasion I’m wonderfully aware of others checking out my boobs while they talk with me. ‘Are they real? They must be real.’ I can almost hear them saying. So the feeling of the tape under the boobs pulling my chest together is another tactile feeling I enjoy.

Are all my great tactile feelings self-generated? Not by a long shot. For a number of years I was in and environment where I could go to singles dances. These dances were mostly populated by people over 50 who liked to mix in jives and twists with a little more modern stuff and –YES!– slow dances. I know I wasn’t 100% passable but I did get my share of gents asking for me to dance with them. I love the feeling when one hand is in my partners while my other rests on his shoulder and his arm is around my waist. Sometimes I let his free hand slip down on to my hip. I liked it and I’m confident that my fairly large muscular butt is feminine enough feeling for most men’s tastes.

But what I really liked feeling when we were dancing was when he would pull me close. I know my private part was well tucked away but as for the gents lets just they were carrying pistols or they were very happy to dance with me. (Apologies to Mae West). Once I went too far. I had been shamelessly gyrating up against my partner. I took a break to visit the ladies’ room and the dance organizer followed me in to warn me that we should cool it a bit as some of the older ladies were complaining about our display. I thanked her and we cooled it, for a while.

That’s about it. I do enjoy many touching and being touched feelings that come with making love but I’ll leave it at that.

But what about you girls and admirers: are there sensations you enjoy? I’d love to read about them.

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  1. joan1 joan1 says:

    Can I add a few more to this excellent list.

    1. Walking into church and having another, woman well dresses woman tell you look fabulous.

    2. Looking in the mirror.

    3. Looking at your long painted nails.

    4. Feeling the tug of your garters.

    5. Hearing the click of your Hi-heels.