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| Jan 20, 2020
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Hello from my winter quarters, which are actually the same the same as my summer quarters, but substantially colder! Each January, fashion sources from couture to Kmart unveil their concepts for the New Year in Clothes. Usually, a lot of the “looks” are quite wackadoodly and bizarre; this is done as a wake-up call and a shocker. If one were to walk out in public in most places wearing a feather boa, a crocheted bra and lime green platform combat boots, vegetables might be hurled your way! And they do leave a stain. So what we want to do is incorporate new trends, using colors and such as suggestions, not commandments. Herein follows a few big deal ideas for 2020, and how to catch the wave without drinking the Kool-Aid!

1. Trend—Big, Disco-Seventies-type collars. Don’t grab your purse and run right to Pimps-R-Us! But do consider looking at some blouses, dresses and outerwear with a slightly bigger neck decoration. A little bit exaggerated, not a red clown ruff—it will draw attention to your face, and add color and a bit of swagger.

2. Trend—This is what I would refer to as “Fiber Arts.” What I have seen is big, clompy spider-webby type details, and even whole dresses made of what would happen if eight kittens got into your granny’s yarn basket. On crystal meth. Big, floppy loops of raveling yarn, crocheted bikini tops, skirts loosely knit and sewn together with clothesline. . .I think this is one dopey concept for actual wear; one big sneeze and you’re nekkid! If you really must sport this. . .uh. . .thing, you can find some nice soft knitted scarves, boleros, belts and accent items. I plan to ignore this altogether.

3.Trend—Hot Pants. Yeah. About six people on earth look great in them, teenage girls and boys can wear them and sometimes get away with it, and the rest of us should really only wear them at home, to Henri David’s Halloween Ball, to a hot disco night or party; if you try wearing them out at night, it will be assumed you have begun a new career. One that is semi-legal and probably detrimental to your health. . .wink, wink. Give ’em a pass!

Hotpants 2020.

4. Trend—Neon Clothing. Lime green, hot pink, orange orange and yellow yellow clothing and accessories—I’d have to suggest using these eye-popping colors as accents, not as main dishes. With the exception of rainwear and some outerwear! Now there is a great opportunity for color—especially in wet, stormy weather. One, they keep you dry, two, they help keep you from getting run over on the street, and three—it’s really fun. As regular clothing—how about a bright pink belt on a black dress? A spring green scarf at the neck of a white top? And remember to check how the color goes with your own complexion; I look like a dead person in bright yellow or green, but some folks look smashing in screaming colors!

5. Trend–Bermuda shorts as business wear. If you are in the Bahamas, or Florida, go ‘head on! Or, if you have a “fun” job, work with children or animals, they can be okay. For most “straight” jobs, I’d say no. These shorts work best with killer legs and a small heel; us shorter people just look like the Lollipop Kids.

So, if you spot a trend that calls to you, try to steal the idea of it, but I advise against going whole hog—and if it goes out of style next week, you can retain whatever shreds of dignity you have gained! Please be advised that spending boatloads of money on trendy stuff is a life-style no-no, and will leave you with a basement full of garish crud that will only weigh you down. Buy classic—accentuate with trendy!

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