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| Apr 13, 2007
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Tonight, Larry talks with Steve. Ice Cube laughs at a crossdresser’s poor judgement. And Ohio University has the best little drag shows in the country. All this and Andy Rooney, (not really), in this edition of the TGF News…

Will Friday the 13th be unlucky for Steve Stanton? He was bumped from Larry King Live on Thursday because of the Don Imus debacle. But, CNN says the fired Largo, Florida city manager will be a guest of Larry’s, Friday, April 13th, 9pm EDT, 6pm Pacific. (Check local listings for details.) Steve will be on with a representative of the National Center for Lesbian Rights to talk about the future. Get caught up with (Links will open in another browser window.)

The new government in Spain has made it easier to get that F changed to an M, or vice-versa. PinkNewsUK has the story.


Big doings in Ohio. Activists will meet in the state capital next month, and plan to tell lawmakers not to be stupid. They’d like you to come along, too. Oh, and look at this: they’re doing the same thing in Albany NY.


More big doings in Ohio. Pop and Broadway star Deborah Gibson is appearing a special performance of Broadway show tunes, with a slight twist. The evening
explores gender reversal and “the universal nature of some of the
American Musical Theatres most beautiful lyrics, crossing boundaries of
sex, age, and race and celebrating our diversity.” There’s supposed to be more information here, but I sure couldn’t find it.


And still more big doings in Ohio. The student run newspaper of Ohio University in Athens in running a series on GLBT stuff. And that series includes a lot of pictures of a drag show on campus.


I’m not sure if Ice Cube knows what the definition of “poetic justice” is, but he’s pleased when a former boss got busted in drag.


And then there’s…this. If you thought the firefighter-in-the-bikini story was rough, maybe you shouldn’t read this story.

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