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| Aug 25, 2007
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This Week in Transgenderism: Who wants to pick the balls for crossdressers? Who wore what at the Aussie Drag awards? And can you list SRS as a deduction if you’re using the 1040EZ form? All this and much, much more…

ronnieheaderpicwbg2.jpgDr. Michele’s blogged on the article, so you should read it first hand, and then comment on her blog. The New York Times is taking a look at J. Michael Bailey’s book: The Man Who Would Be Queen.

In Australia, they’re partying like it’s 1999 and Priscilla is out on DVD. Reuters’ video cameras were there.

Speaking of movies, a Christian reviewer just watched TransAmerica. And Andrew Moreno of Lifted liked it.

WFTV reports that Susan Stanton has applied for another job. Has anyone’s job search been so thoroughly covered by the media?

AZFamily is reporting on the latest developments in a Scottsdale bathroom. Well, the developments aren’t really in the bathroom. They’re on stage. Or they will be Monday night. Oh, just read the story, and figure it out for yourself.

If you’re a regular viewer of FX, you’ll know they gave a series to a crossdressing comedian featuring a transgendered son, (The Riches). And their series Nip/Tuck has had a couple of TG themed episodes. But, hold on to your wigs: they’re working on a series about a transgendered surgeon! Hal Boedeker, the Orlando Sentinal’s TV Guy has more.

In Boston, a woman is arguing that her SRS should be tax deductible. The International Herald-Tribune picks up the story from there.

Whoopsie! Washington Police are under fire for putting a woman in the men’s jail, because they thought she was transgendered. But, it sounds to me, from reading the Washington Blade’s story, it was an honest mistake. You figure it out. And then read their editorial on semantics in journalism. It’s actually quite interesting.

Ottawa’s mayor admits he doesn’t know much about TG issues, and wouldn’t support a gender identity non-discrimination bill. But, he’s willing to learn, according to the Ottawa Citizen.

And finally, Dixie Chick Pix Clix at Drag Queen Bingo. Or something like that. Read it at Access Hollywood.

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