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Emily: The Slumber Party

| Jul 15, 2019
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I slept very contently for the first time since the first church dance. Mother recapped over breakfast about how surprised she was hearing what Jasmyn and our other friends said the night before. Mom had to work one Sunday a month so we didn’t go to church. Before Mom left for the hospital, she told us, “You two girls have some amazing friends. It is hard to find such honesty, loyalty and acceptance like that. My two girls are truly blessed having such wonderful friendships. Bye, see you two tonight, Love you.”

We went to the pool together and it seemed nothing had happened the afternoon before. Not a single person said anything to me about it. It was a fun summer day being a girl as usual. I thanked Madison for the invite to the slumber party, and then had to ask, “What is a slumber party?” It dawned on her I’d never been to one before.

Madison started rapidly reeling off topics, “We eat pizza, talk about boys, listen to music and talk about clothes, talk about boys, watch a movie or two, talk about boys, do each other’s nails and hair, talk about boys, and have fun as girls. Emily, I am really happy you are my girlfriend.” She gave me a big hug.

Mother bought home my prescription of hormones from her hospital’s pharmacy and told me how many and when to take them. She was as surprised as me to find out how normal my day was at the pool my girlfriends. “Did anyone ask you about yesterday, Emily.”

“Amazingly, no, not a single one. Although Madison had to explain to me what a slumber party was.”

“Interesting,” is all Mom replied. “Daisy, did any of your girlfriends talk to you about yesterday?”

“Cheyenne and Mandy still think Emily is a real girl and both are really happy for her and asked me how it all started? I said, I’d have Emily explain it at Madison’s slumber party Friday night.” And she looked at me.

Jokingly I said, “How did it start? It started by me being curious and wanted to be my usual self and explore. Daisy did such a convincing make over on me, I guess I fell in love with being a girl.” Daisy smiled and gave me hug. “I’ve never had so many hugs, kisses and warm welcome greetings in my life! I think I still have a lot to explore and learn. Mom, Sis, I owe it to both of you for your support to help me.”

“I love having you around, Emily.” Sis said.

Sis and I were all packed for the slumber party. Before we departed, Mom said she was going to stay and talk with all of the other Moms. “How well do you know all of the other Moms, Emily?”

“Only Mrs. Mallard (Heidi’s mom) and Mrs. Cooper (Jasmyn’s mom) the most. But all of them give me a hugs and talk to me each time they see me.” We loaded our nightly possessions for the night into the car and headed to Madison’s house four and one-half blocks away. We were last to arrive and everyone hugged and kissed cheeks and we put our sleeping bags and overnight bags where we were instructed. We’d be in the big recreation room of the Williams house.

All of our Moms were in the kitchen. Most likely they were asking questions about me. Mom later said all of their daughters told them about me coming out to them. They all spoke for what seemed a long time. Mom came to find me and asked me to come into the kitchen. “Mrs. Thomas (Cheyenne’s Mother) started, “Emily you are one of the most precious young girls I’ve ever seen in my life. None of us had the slighted clue who you really were. We, like our daughters will love and support you. You are one amazing and brave young lady! And if you get any cuter, I’m taking you home with me for myself.”

“You will only if I don’t steal her first.” Said Mrs. Cooper (Jasmyn’s Mom.) I went around from mom to mom and received the most amazing hugs. Each Mom held my hands and looked me in my eyes and and gave me wonderful loving words of encouragement. Mom started to cry.

Mrs. Mallard (Madison’s mom) said, “I agree with my daughter, I still don’t believe you are not a girl, Emily. No boy is this cute!”

I stood up tall and said, “All of you are always so sweet and kind to me. I see where your daughters received all of their love, kindness, acceptance and beauty from. I hope I will grow up to be as pretty as all of you and your daughters. From me, my Mom and Sister, we all thank you. I consider all of you as my Mom too.” I went around that room and gave mom a hug and kiss on their cheeks and skipped back to the rec room as if nothing had transpired. The Moms stayed and chatted until about 9:15 p.m. when our pizzas arrived.

During the slumber party we did everything Madison said we would be doing. Yes, we did talk a lot about boys and clothes a lot. I had my toenails painted 3 times with different colors! Mandy remembered I was supposed to tell everyone why I decided to be a girl. I told my story the way I recalled it and told them what I had I thought I had learned and discovered. Sis told her version but it wasn’t exactly like mine. But by now, who cares.

“I’d never receive so such loving and accepting friends like all of you if I was a boy.” That got me a lot more hugs. I have no idea what time it was; maybe 11 or midnight, but we all started dosing off. None of my girlfriend’s still minded undressing in front of me to put on their pajamas or night gowns. My sleeping bag was between Mandy and Madison’s. We three chatted until we fell asleep. I recall Mrs. Williams coming in a little after 9 or so the next morning asking who wanted breakfast and that our parent would be by around noon to pick us up. We all had pancakes.

On the way home, Mom asked us how was the party. Daisy started,

“I learned so many new ways to work with my hair.”

I followed with, “I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun in my life, Mom. Look at my toes,” as I lifted my legs to show her my painted toes.

Daisy asked mom, “What did the other Moms say about Em?”

Mom said, “Let me put it this way, I thought I would almost lose a daughter last night. They all told me they all wanted to take Emily home with them and keep her for themselves.”

“What do the dads think?” Asked Daisy next.

“All seem onboard except Mandy’s dad. Everyone thinks he’ll come around. Emily, you are surrounded by a lot of incredible love and support from many so lovely girls and mothers. You have charmed the pants off everyone who has ever met you. I was in tears hearing all the kind words from all of the Mothers last night. We decided to meet about once a month or two. They want to be kept up to date about your progress and want to help you however they can. And they all said you can come talk to them anytime about anything. My heart almost burst out of my body listening to all the wonderful comments last night about both of you two. I am so blessed having you two in my life. Sorry, I still don’t know how to express everything.” Tears flooded down Moms cheeks. I noted this was third time I’ve ever seen Mother cry.

Sunday was a rainy Seattle day. After church Daisy and spend most of the afternoon in my room with me playing games and arranging my wardrobe. We both called Madison and thanked her again for the amazing party. Mother came in and explained that we both were old enough now that we should be sending handwritten thank you cards and handed us one with an envelope and stamp to write to her.

After dinner, we all sat down. Mom said,

“School begins in about one-month. We have to discuss it and get you ready to attend as Emily Fuller and still have to get you your haircut and ears pierced.” Of course, I simply thought I’d just show up as a girl and think nothing of it. Mom said she would begin the process to legally change my name before school started. She would get a letter from Dr. Turner, my psychiatrist, if needed. I’d be exempt from boy’s and girl’s gym classes. Mom had to find out the bathroom policy too. Mother booked me an appointment at her and Daisy’s salon. Boys go to barbershop and girls to salons. Still learning.

Mom mentioned soon we would have a few meetings at my Junior High school. I also had to get new school uniforms. The girls uniforms consisted of grey, blue and red plaid skirts, white polo shirts or a white blouse and a blazer. The blazer was more for fall and winter but could be worn all year.

My meetings with Dr. Turner have been very helpful and informative. I told Dr. Turner about coming out to my friends. Following me, Mother told what their parents said.

Daisy and I had dinners and sleep-overs at everyone’s homes at least once over the remainder of the summer. My hormones were working slowly on my small frame. As the summer waned on my friendships grew stronger and stronger with my girlfriends.

Summer was soon coming to close and the Seattle weather will change to a lot of overcast, gloomy and sometimes drizzling and rainy days. There would be one more church social dance to end the summer. The last time I thought about Robert was when I came out to my girlfriends.

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This story is not like other stories that I’ve read saying that the author has always know they were a girl — I think I discovered being one.

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