Emily: Summer as a Girl

| Apr 22, 2019
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The last weeks of school I told my friends I’d be in Oregon for the summer. On the first week of summer Daisy and Mom helped me transform my room from a grungy boy’s room to a feminine sanctuary. I had my own vanity, cosmetics and teddy bears on my bed, and slept in a night gown. Sis said the nice surrounding would help me in my exploration and curiosity if was surrounded by all girl things. I agreed with her logic. Mother had boxed up all my boy clothes and put them in the garage, so I had more room for Emily. Emily moved in and Robert was basically shoved out to live in boxes on a top shelf in the garage. I figured when I was satisfied with my explorations and curiosity, my room would revert to its original state. But I wasn’t sure what would happen to my girl clothes.

A little after lunch time on the first Saturday of summer vacation Emily magically arrives to the Fuller household from Portland, Oregon to spend the summer and Robert disappeared off to work on Uncle John’s fishing boat in Astoria, Oregon. I thought little of getting up and getting dressed as a girl. I put sunscreen on my face, and put my hair in a ponytail and put on some shorts and a white T-shirt.

“Mom, can I wear this to cut the yard?” One of my main summer household chores was to cut the cut the front and back lawn each Saturday or Sunday during the summer. Seattle’s summers seen to only last somewhere between 8-12 weeks. And believe it or not it and can get up into the 90s at times.

“Sweetie, girls don’t cut the yards. That’s a boy’s job. I’ll hire one of your friends to do it.” She was right, I never saw any girls out pushing lawn mowers. What else can’t I do as a girl, I wondered?

Daisy, came running down from upstairs. “Mom! Meg, Heidi and the rest of us want to go to the mall tomorrow to look for swimsuits. They asked if Emily can join us?

Mom’s first question is always, “Who taking you?”

“Heidi’s mom. She’ll be joining us when we shop.”

“I see no reason all your girls can’t go shopping together. You can’t stay inside all summer, Emily. Go out and enjoy being a girl with your girlfriends. All of them are incredibly wonderful young ladies.” Mom said enthusiastically. They both turned looked at me longingly waiting in suspense for an answer.

I thought for a moment how to answer as a girl. “I’d love to join you.”

Mom said, “Daisy and I need to sit you down tonight and help you get your story down straight. You can’t tell different people different aspects of Emily, Portland, your family, etc. Understand.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Sis couldn’t get back up the stairs fast enough to call her friends that I be joining them. Her legs traveled faster than her enthusiasm and she tripped and stumbled a couple times on her way up to her room. That night after dinner I felt l like I was being briefed, or interrogated, about my new identity. It was like I was going on an undercover spy mission like I’ve seen in movies. I assume I passed my interrogation.

Daisy called down for me from upstairs. “Sis, Madison is in the phone for you.” This was the first time, Daisy called me ‘Sis.’ Hot Madison, wow, thought to myself, ‘Me?’ I went upstairs not knowing what to expect. I sat cross-legged on floor to talk to her. It turned out to be one of the most fun talks I’ve ever had. I was a girl taking to a girl. We talked over a half-hour.

“Wow! You two hit if off. What did you two talk about?” Asked Sis in front of Mom.

“Clothes and boys. She wanted to know if had a boyfriend in Portland. I said I was too young. Mom, I never thought about the aspect of exploring being a girl as having a boyfriend.” This is the second-time a boyfriend has popped up.

Mom held my hand while looking me in my eyes and said not to worry about it right now.

Sunday afternoon about 1:30 the doorbell rang, and it was the full Hot List ensemble floated into our living room followed by Mrs. Mallard (Heidi’s mom). They all greeted me and gave hugs and kisses on my cheek – something Robert would have never had the pleasure of experiencing, especially from the these girls. I noticed girls gave hugs and kisses and boys didn’t. Each one smelled better than the last one. They all said hi to Mom and hugged her too. Heidi’s mom, Mrs. Mallard, came in and talked with Mom, now my aunt! I now really had to be careful how I addressed her. Aunt Ellen instead of Mom. Mrs. Mallard gave me a big hug too. “So, you are the cousin from Portland Madison keeps telling me about and talking to on the phone to. Nice to meet you, Emily.” As Mrs. Mallard looked me over with a big smile.

We all piled into Mrs. Mallard’s Odyssey. Mandy and Madison were my age and they sat on both sides of me in the back row and we chatted, and they asked me questions all the way to the mall. Upon arriving at the mall we all invaded the Northgate mall’s entrance. I wasn’t sure if I was now on the Hot List or not but really didn’t care. The mall wasn’t so scary this time. Mandy held my hand as we walked.

Daisy pulled me aside and told me very sternly, “You’ll be in the dressing rooms with them and you’ll see them in various stages of undress. Make sure you compliment everyone on their swim suits. And don’t gawk at them! Okay?”

Sis picked out couple bikinis for me to try on and we headed to the dressing rooms. Wow, I mean wow squared. Sis was right about the undressing part. Cheyenne, Heidi, Jasmyn and Sis were developing nice breasts. Me, Mandy and Madison’s breasts were smaller – mine, non-existent. I had to turn my back to them to try on my bikini bottoms and several girls asked me to tie the bow in the back of their tops. We all complimented each other. Sis bought the bikini she liked best on me with the money Mom had given her.

This was fun. I mean shopping as a girl with girls, being accepted as a girl. We tried on clothes for hours. It intrigued me that each girl had their own style and seldom tried on identical items. I needed to figure this out too. And boys seem to never shop together and look kinda the same except for the color and design on their T-shirts; or clothes our moms bought us.

We went to get something to eat at the food court seven or eight boys approached us. It was oblivious some new girlfriends wanted nothing to do with several of them. One I knew from school, Larry Bates. He was Sis’s age I think and he began chatting with me the entire time. I was glad I passed my interrogation session last night. Soon we all left to go home with shopping bags in hand.

Mom wanted to know about our day. I couldn’t tell her I saw all the beautiful girls naked.

Daisy said, “I think Larry likes Emily.”

“Really? Larry Bates from school. Is that so, Emily?” Mom asked curiously. I didn’t answer at first.

“We only talked, Mom. Sorry, I mean Aunt Ellen.” She squeezed my hand and told me I could still consider her my ‘out of town Mom.’ “Mrs. Mallard is really nice and pretty, like you.”

Almost every night I chatted with Mandy or Madison on the phone. I noted that girls always had something to talk about. And a lot of it was really personal stuff too. Boys never talk about personal stuff. Over the summer, besides the pool, we went to movies, the museum, the Edmonds Ferry ride over to Kinston for lunch, the aquarium and Pike Place Market together. I loved my new girlfriends and their acceptance of me. They all were so much fun. I really was liking my new girlfriends. I know Mom and Sis talked about me among themselves a lot about me. About what I don’t know. The summer and being a girl was fun. So far, the only thing I didn’t like so far was not being able to take of my shirt, sorry I mean my top, off when it was hot outside or when I got sweaty.

All of us spent a lot of time at the pool working on suntans. The boys kept splashing us and coming over to chat or wanting to rub suntan lotion on us. Larry spoke to me a lot and appeared to be a bit jealous with other boys came over to chat with me. I was also really enjoying my new friends more and more. Both the boys and girls. Being a girl was great and kept refueling my curiosity. Girls seem to receive so much attention. I no longer did stupid stunts like getting muddy, climbed trees or playing video games and boy stuff like that. This softer side was nice and appealing to me. The downside was that Madison and Heidi, who were my age were slowly developing breasts. I know because I saw them almost each day in the locker room at the pool.

If I wasn’t at the pool, I was playing outdoor volleyball. Many of the girls were from various junior and high school teams in our area. We had a sand beach court and sand got everywhere. When we picked sides, I was always chosen last due to my diminutive stature.

Mom had hired one of my old school buddies, Ted Crandall to mow our lawn. It was one of our few hot 90? Saturday summer days. I had on khaki shorts and a tank top and took him a glass of lemonade outside to him. We sat on the porch steps chatted until he finished his drink I never had a chance to talk much to him in the past. We used to play video games on occasion and went to school together but that was the extent of it. Mom thought it was nice of me to take him something to drink and talk with him. I made another mental note observation and girls seemed not to mind talking to boys, but boys seldom just came up and talked to girls. Maybe it is because girls seem to always have something to talk about. I don’t know. Even more questions that require answers.

It was a second Tuesday of the summer vacation when Daisy said I had a phone call. I assumed it was one of my new girlfriends. “Emily, it’s a boy, Emily.” Sis yelled down from the upstairs railing.

I answered. It was Larry Bates and we chatted for about 15 minutes or so.

“Well! Are you going to tell me who it was?” Sis looked intriguingly at me.

“It was Larry Bates. He wants to take me to the church social this Friday. I said, yes.”

Mom quickly interjected. “I can’t see why not. All church dances are well chaperoned and I’ll be one of them this time. “You are going with Steve aren’t you, Daisy? And all your girlfriends will be there too, won’t they?”

Sis answered, “Yes, we will all be there. Actually, everyone simply meets there since none of us can drive. It’s no big deal if you have a date or not. Usually we stay on one side and the boys on the other until someone breaks and ice and asks one of us to dance.”

“I don’t know how to dance. I mean like girl.” As I looked distraught hanging my head discouragingly towards my feet.

“Don’t worry, Sis. Mom and I will help you just like we have with everything else.” Sis replies and Mom smiled. “We need to get you a cute dress, since the boys wear jackets and ties. I think they really look handsome when they wear them. They ought to wear them more often.” I am learning that Mom and Daisy are smart. They think of everything and are good at solving problems. Especially my problem of me being a girl.

I still hear the word cute a lot. Boys never say that. Most of all I am more amazed how Mom and Daisy are so supportive and helpful helping me explore the curiosity of mine. I mean, they never assisted or supported me this much with my other explorations or science projects in the past. Why is this so different? Maybe they know more about being a girl than science? I don’t know.

Before I went to bed I went up to Mom and said, “Won’t I be deceiving Larry by dancing with him?”

“No dear, not at all if you are dancing with him as a girl you won’t.” I think that kinda made logical sense. I knew I’d never dance with him as a boy. Although I have seen girls dance together at church socials in the past.

The next week Mom took Daisy and me to go shopping for a new dress and shoes for the dance. The dress was powder blue and felt like a silky/satin kind of material to me. I loved the feel and how it moved when I walked and turned. Mom said it has an empire waist. I made another mental note to look up what empire meant regarding a dress. The only empires I knew of was when we studied empires in history class, and that there was a big building named empire in New York not far from where my birth parents worked. Mom and Sis were lifesavers by giving me dance lessons.

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