| Jan 4, 2007
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In a recent copy of Reader’s Digest, I found an article on depression in men.  It seems that men have a hard time expressing depression.  Sadness isn’t macho, and so it comes out as anger, and sometimes violence.

Well, I thought, it’s a good thing I’m transgendered, because I’m a little better at dealing with non-macho emotions.  (And aren’t all emotions non-macho?  Other than elation because your team won the “big game”, anyway.)

The article also pointed out that depression is often misdiagnosed, or even ignored in men.  And I thought the TG community is probably pretty lucky in this case too, because I think we’re more apt to go to a therapist, or some other professional, and get help.

So, if this is all true, why then, do you think so many of us are depressed?  I’ve known a lot of t-girls with depression issues…


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  1. melissaK says:

    Thanks. A helpful story. 🙂

  2. I think it’s because of the issues being TG brings to the surface, and how these issues re not embraced as acceptable to the majority of the population. So many become frustrated in that they can’t act, be, do, what they feel they want, triggering their depression. But then what do I know?

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