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| Feb 14, 2022
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Welcome to Winter, Dear Readers. At least it’s winter here on the East Coast of the United States! While I don’t love it, I do enjoy a few parts—and one of them is COATS. One of the other things is sales! And now is a great time to purchase such a wonderful, useful item. Or two. Why is it such a glorious time? Sales! Yes, Dear Friends, not only are coats on sale, but boots, shoes, lingerie and jewelry are out there at greatly reduced costs.

Let’s begin with the Joy of Coats. First, let’s look at a few styles I find to be necessary and fun. If you live in a place where cold and snow are actually factors, then I strongly suggest you get yourself a nifty parka. No, you do not need to get a puffy huge silver monstrosity! Unless you want one, of course. My personal parka is a wonderful leopard print one, with fur on the hood. I have boots and flats to wear with it, and I love it. Putting on an outer garment that is fun, comfy and warm helps to take the sting out of winter! I even have a leopard-print mask as a necessary accessory.

Next comes a “dressy” coat–for a winter wedding, tea, or court appearance.  One wants a nice, comfortable, and snazzy coat. I have a few! Most are thrift store buys, but another I got on sale at Macy’s; I have an off-white cashmere coat, and I feel l like a ‘40s movie star in it. A pretty silk scarf ( or a nice wooly, or cashmere one) will add a flash of panache. A black coat always comes in handy, for both funereal and happier events. A black coat, whether wool or not, will always get used.  

A “cute” coat can also make winter less grim; I have a fantastic turquoise raincoat/overcoat that cheers me up every time I wear it! It has many pockets, and is waterproof. I love color! I have the same coat, only fingertip-length, that is hot pink—it is happy and very useful. As pink is an almost universally-flattering color, give it a try. A peacoat in any color can be very warm, has great pocketage.

If you do such things as skiing, THEN you probably need a parka—I wouldn’t know, as winter outdoor sports leave me cold.

Also up for sale at reduced prices right now are lingerie, jewelry and winter footwear. And who doesn’t love snazzy, opulent lingerie? Because of the nearness of Valentines Day, all sorts of red, pink and black naughty undies are on sale at stupid good prices. Get some. Look also for new winter boots and shoes—as should surprise no-one, my “wellies” are leopard print.

Hot shopping tip? Nordstrom Rack starts its Clear the Rack sale on Friday. 25% off the lowest price on clearance items.

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