Book Review: Facial Feminization Surgery By Dr. Douglas Ousterhout

| Mar 8, 2010
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ousterhoutLet me begin by saying I have never remotely contemplated facial feminization surgery (FFS), or any surgery for that matter, and I hope the tonsillectomy I had at age eight is all the surgery I will ever need. Having said that, I found this book to be quite interesting and for anyone who is considering FFS, this book is a must read.

Dr. Ousterhout is a leading pioneer in his field who has performed nearly 7,000 procedures on 1,100 patients over the past 25 years. He refers to the book as a “consumers guide” to facial feminization surgery. His writing reflects a deep concern and commitment to helping people achieve their goals and he gives readers the benefit of his experience to help them make informed decisions. He raises all the questions one needs to consider from “do you have a therapist?” to “what do you expect FFS to do for you?” He discusses goals and motivation, risks and costs; things to consider when selecting a surgeon as well as the timing of FFS with respect to other surgeries and one’s Real Life Experience.

There is a chapter devoted to each procedure that is amply illustrated with photographs of typical male and female skulls and cephalograms (x-rays). Dr. Ousterhout has made a study of measuring the differences in size and shape of various parts of the skull and describes the techniques used to create more feminine features. He manages to discuss some rather technical aspects of the surgeries in a very readable manner. The before and after views of patients give a very good idea of what is possible. He outlines what patients can expect during recovery. There are sections on follow-up care, medications, potential side effects and complications, and frequently asked questions.

Dr. Ousterhout says he “can’t guarantee beauty,” but he understands that his pioneering work in FFS has given many of his patients the confidence and self-esteem to successfully live their lives as women. This is one aspect of his work that has given him joy and fulfillment.

There is a forward by Donna Rose as well as a link to Lynn Conway’s diary of her experience as Dr. Ousterhout’s patient. For more information and to see the table of contents, check out

Facial Feminization Surgery
A Guide for the Transgendered Woman
Douglas K. Ousterhout, M.D.
Addicus Books, Inc. Omaha, NE 2009 • 1-800-352-2873
ISBN 978-886039-93-3
184 pp.
$49.95 (@

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  1. besweet besweet says:

    I devoured this book with enthusiasm. Gina is correct: Dr. Ousterhout does get into some of the more technical procedures of FFS but in a way that is very understandable. He discusses the down-side of FFS clearly and fairly. This book should be reading assignment No. 1 for anyone who is thinking about FFS no matter who does the surgery. He prepares the reader with all the right questions to ask your surgeon starting with your first consultation. Buy or borrow (don’t steal) a copy before you take that first step toward FFS. LYNDA WARREN