Book Review: “Cross Gender Fun For All” by Dr. Veronica Vera

| Jul 25, 2016
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15-0916a Cross Gender Fun For AllAre you ready for a book review? I had time recently to read Cross Gender Fun For All by Dr. Veronica Vera. I was very impressed by the breath of knowledge which Veronica demonstrated in this book. It was a tour de force in no uncertain terms.  I started writing down thoughts which were put forth in the book and it kept going and going:

  • learning new skills
  • health
  • evidenced
  • renewed
  • inspiration
  • Frock therapy
  • consciousness raising
  • real
  • self exploration, cross gender exploration
  • sexual
  • self discovery
  • revelation
  • to find the woman/man inside
  • led to personal discovery
  • integration of self to being able to be real

In reading this book, I thought new thoughts, realized a new sense of self, had my thoughts raised to things (some sexual) that I’ve never thought of before. understood/realized myself with more clarity and I found the woman inside during this trip of cross gender exploration. I was blown away. I’ve also never felt that much kinship to the FtM transgender community but we all live in the same spinning world; this was a relatively new thought.

This book is truly an inspiration and there’s a good deal of resources and references. It’s a good read.

Available from Amazon.

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