Book Review: “Confessions of a Transvestite Prostitute” by Chris Burrows

| Nov 12, 2012
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Review by Gina Vizavi 

I looked forward to reading Confessions, a story told to Chris Burrows by Samantha Colton. Those of us who enjoy TG fiction as a means to enhance the enjoyment of our forays into living a dream created by and for our alter egos find such stories erotic, but also frees us up to imagine possibilities we know we may never actually achieve. And with the plethora of online venues where we can read personal accounts of those who have gone down the path of bringing the woman within to life and to have had the courage and means to live their dreams we can sometimes feel overwhelmed if not inadequate or that we are actually “living a lie” by not being who we really are or think we should be.

The very notion of a “transvestite prostitute” is the epitome of what much of society associates with anyone who crosses gender boundaries and is something those in the transgender community work to overcome.

This book provides readers with more than a vignette. I would call it an “autobiographical biography,” as told to and written by a third party. It puts the reader into the mind of someone who did go beyond mere fantasy and paints a picture of the thoughts, motivations and experiences of Samantha, the heroine of the story, who made her dream a reality. Some may find the very idea of prostitution abhorrent. Most accounts of prostitutes, regardless of their sex, involve heart wrenching tales of all manner of abuse.

The Hong Kong setting provides a somewhat exotic flavor that includes elements of Thai Ladyboy culture.  The factual nature of the story makes it even more profoundly erotic, riveting and compelling. It is refreshing to read a positive account of someone’s experiences in a profession that more frequently is depicted in a more depraved light. While it might not appeal to many in the TG community, I found it to be a good read and could not help but admire Samantha for living life on her own terms and sharing it with the world.

 Confessions of a Transvestite Hooker
By Chris Burrows
A Club Lighthouse Publishing E-Book
ISBN 978-1-926839-46-2
© Chris Burrows

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