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| Jan 29, 2018
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For most TG folks, it takes quite a bit of courage and perhaps an extended delay (years, maybe?) before we are willing to take that first step out of the house presenting as a female. It’s something that requires a fair amount of preparation, and also a thick skin, because unless you are among the few who are naturally endowed with a hairless face, beautiful feminine hair, and a petite figure, you may get laughed at a time or two and not everyone you encounter is going to be nice. I know that in my own case, it took about five years or so from the time I initially went out in public, until I got to a place where most people ignored me (in a good way) or maybe even complimented me.

Artist’s conception of our editor being “read” back in the day. Even the dog knew what was up.

If you work hard enough, do enough research, and practice enough, then eventually you are going to receive unsolicited compliments. The best kind in my book, is unsolicited praise from a younger female, because they tend to be the most style conscious and fashion conscious individuals, in my experience. But you will also eventually receive praise from older females as well as having guys hit on you — if you look good enough and have gone out enough to hone your skills (mannerisms, makeup, clothing, hair, etc.).

On that subject, it takes a complete look to be blendable or anywhere near passable. A complete look involves significant preparation for most of us, such as hair removal (either temporary or permanent); hair styling or a wig that looks reasonably realistic; clothing that is more or less in tune with the season of the year; consideration of the venue you are going to (a mall on a Saturday afternoon?); and makeup that covers up your masculine features but is not gaudy enough to make you look like an over the top drag queen.

Note that I mentioned guys are going to hit on you. Sooner or later, if you look good enough and present well enough, men will approach you, assuming you are interested in them and attracted to them, If you are, then that’s fine, and just be choosy enough that you don’t end up with a loser. And if you are not into guys at all, then that’s fine too. Just politely let them know you are not interested.

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My name is Kim, and I'm a non-op transsexual. I love to correspond with others who have an interest in feminine beauty, gender illusion, and related subjects. My goal is to look like the genetic girls in the J. Jill or Sundance catalogs, so I keep myself as realistically feminine as possible. I go out as Kim very often and delight in being a woman, with all that it entails! My height is about 5-7 and I weigh about 145 lb. For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to be a female, and that desire is intense. Given that fact, I'm a TS rather than a CD/TV. In general, I am more of a daytime mall chick rather than a nighttime party girl. Other interests: I'm like the Energizer Bunny with regard to exercise!

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