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Bebashi Philadelphia Offers Services to Trans People

| Jun 19, 2017
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Empower people to enhance the quality of their health and overall well-being by providing access to culturally sensitive high quality healthcare, HIV/AIDS services, health education, and social services.

Bebashi – Transition to Hope, an acronym originally standing for Blacks Educating Blacks about Sexual Health Issues, is the second-oldest AIDS service organization in the Philadelphia, Pa. region, and was also the first African-American organization in the U.S. to address the AIDS crisis. It was founded in 1985 as a full-service HIV/AIDS organization, especially servicing low-income people of color with HIV. To this day, Bebashi remains one of Philadelphia’s largest community-based minority providers of HIV/AIDS education and services for the urban community, serving more than 20,000 consumers annually.

Bebashi has a wealth of services, all free of charge. This includes culturally sensitive and competent community education, HIV, STI, and pregnancy counseling and testing services, and breast health services. In addition, we also offer medical case management (for HIV+ individuals), prevention navigation for high-risk, HIV negative individuals, and the Second Helping food pantry that offers perishable and nonperishable items to anyone with a referral. Finally, we offer resource navigation to community members who are HIV negative to aid them in becoming self-sufficient.

A new subset program of Bebashi, Transamenities/necessities will be targeting the needs of transgender individuals, including resources, support, and education. Resources will include connecting transgender clients with the resources needed for comfort and survival, such a breast forms, underwear for tucking, binders, packers, clothes, and more. Support will include connection to referrals regarding support groups, trans-friendly medical care, and medical case management for all trans individuals who are HIV+. The educational aspect will be seminars regarding the health of transgender individuals; this will include breast health for trans individuals, proper care while on hormones, the unique sexual health needs of trans people, as well as trans reproduction.

Bebashi has helped more than 600,000 people and their families. We serve the underserved, and give compassionate care to people who need it most.

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