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| Mar 15, 2007
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Dateline: Largo, Florida…the fight over the firing of the city manager continues.  And some people are getting arrested over it.

And the Sunday editorials are out on the topic.  Darryl Owens with the Sentinel says Stanton shouldn’t be fired.  (There’s an editorial in the Detroit News too, I believe, but their server was too busy.)  And there are letters-to-the-editors galore at Tampa Bay Newspapers.


A California university is offering a new housing choice for all students: Gender-neutral dorms.  And it started as consideration of TG and gay students.  The Press-Enterprise has the details.


The Sunday Mirror has an exclusive interview with Britian’s youngest transsexual.  And we have an exclusive link* to that exclusive interview!


Also in the UK, an FTM TS is looking for work, and taking his story to the media. 


And while we’re in Great Britain, let’s pick up a copy of Pink News UK, for a story on marriage banns for transsexuals.  (It’s not what you think.   Banns, with the double “n” are essentially a formal announcement before the ceremony.)


Congratulations to Jade Esteban Estrada for making a splash at the NERP!


And on the other end of the entertainment spectrum: There’s a new Ed Wood DVD set coming out. 

*It’s the only link to that interview contained within this article.

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