A Guide to Age Related Clothing

| Feb 25, 2019
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Is this older woman working this outfit?

Wear Age Appropriate Clothing

Sorry girls but it comes to everyone. That evil word ‘age.’ What is more, it doesn’t come alone. Aches and pains, saggy skin, bushy eye brows, swelling ankles, thinning hair and worst of all wrinkles. Not a pretty picture, no pun intended, so what do we do about it?

If you are in your twenties or thirties you can pretty well ignore this article. Go ahead and wear your size 8 and 10 dresses with short skirts, ‘we don’t care.’ If one’s body shape will allow, this rule can be stretched a little, say to 45.

The older one gets one has to take more care with clothing selection, but it’s not all doom and gloom. Many styles available are extremely attractive and if chosen wisely will make the wearer look like a million dollars, or maybe just $500,000.00. The point is, the ability to look attractive and even sexy is not lost.

Types of Suitable Clothing

The internet is the best place to see what type of clothing is available.

Just because it is on the net, and you have fallen in love with it you don’t have to buy it. Search your local clothing stores for similar items.

Even the re-use stores are a good place to visit. Of course budget is important, however, the advantage of visiting a store is that the garment can be tried on and the quality is probably much better than that delightful Chinese dress. Check the stitching the seams and the amount of material, they tell a very accurate story as to why the dress is so much cheaper. Make a comparison. The advantages of buying locally are many if one considers the delivery charges, the delivery time, and the rate of exchange, if applicable. On line, the item may not be much cheaper, and it can’t be returned to your local store without charge. If an article of clothing looks too young it probably is. If a piece of clothing feels good when you have it on, you are more than likely on the right track. Try to follow your head instead of your heart. Following my heart instead of my head gets me in trouble all the time. What you buy is of course governed by the purpose of the clothing. and you are usually trying to look your best for what ever circumstance you may be dressing.

Try Not to be Frumpy

Comfy often equals frumpy.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), the word frumpy is described as — dowdy or un-attractive. Gail, my wife told me that I looked frumpy when I dressed en-femme.The style of clothing I was wearing looked old and dowdy or inappropriate for my age. My wigs did not suit me and my make up needed work. So we set about correcting this. We bought more suitable clothing that was much more attractive.

The seasons were taken into consideration, vis-a-vis sleeves and warmer garments for winter and whites and lighter colors for summer. Shoes need attention. Obviously sandals aren’t much good in snow.

Boots and flats became a necessity. In my experience buying shoes on the net isn’t a good idea. As comfort is probably the main criteria try the shoes on in a store. One may have to pay a little more get comfort and appearance.

If you are lucky enough that you can use your own hair, you don’t have to bother with wigs. I am jealous, but on the other hand I don’t have to pay a hairdresser. I bought a couple of new wigs and while selecting the wigs, others, who were in our company, had a lot to say. So one could say my wigs were bought by committee. Not good thing as later some of said committee thought the wigs didn’t look too good. Well DUH! If one needs help buying suitable wigs only take one person with you.

I do buy wigs on line now. A plug here. I buy wigs from Paula Young. They are U.S. based but have a local address for free returns. So we have been quite happy with our purchases.

What to Wear and When

Winter white which is also frumpy.

I prefer skirts and dresses over pants but pants are almost an essential item in winter, This year in particular , we have had super cold temperatures for almost two months. Darker colored leggings jeans or pants are preferable. Buy narrower or styled pants if possible., When wearing pants it is better to wear a long top that reaches almost to the knees .

People talk about winter white, I have a pleated skirt which is supposed to be winter white. I am not sold on it at all. I avoid white in the winter at all costs. If one must wear a skirt choose longer styles. Again for warmth but the rule can apply to warmer climates as well.

When spring arrives, the snow disappears and the days warm up. Oh joy! The scope of clothing increases and, speaking for myself, out come the whites and colors. I do wear pants in the summer, white leggings and capris, slightly shorter skirts, tops with out sleeves and on occasion, shorts: Some darker clothes are okay as long as there is no mistaking that it is not winter clothing. I have yet to wear a female swimming costume in public.


Obviously, the choice of clothing is a very personal thing. It also depends on the function. Unless you have a bunch of crazy friends it’s unlikely you will wear an evening dress to a BBQ. (it happens). One must take one’s age into consideration of course but be as light hearted as you can with what you wear. As the poem states, The moving finger writes and having writ moves on, so have fun.

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I was born in England in 1935 and spent fourteen years in British Navy starting in 1951. I married in 1958 and stayed that way for 51 years. My wife gave me 3 sons all now in their fifties, only one knows of my little pecadilo. Four grand children all in or completed University. I emigrated to Canada in 1968. Worked for the oil, gas and power industries until I retired at 66. My first wife died of cancer in 2009. I was introduced to Gail by a mutual friend and we have been together six years and married for three. Gail was aware of my crossdressing before we married and supports it wholeheartedly with some rules. I have to be Paul some of the time, which is fair. I am a Libra and I own it.

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  1. andiblank andiblank says:

    I have a great deal of success at my local Talbots. I have become a regular customer, and the salespeople are extremely personable and helpful. In my opinion, their clothing is extremely stylish for those of us over 40. Big on “smart casual”, they offer everything from lace to leather. The secret is to wait for sales (which are often). End of season can have 70% off! If you join their loyalty programs, you get $25 for every 500 points accumulated.

    • Pauline Pauline says:

      Thankyou for your repl Andibkank. You have obviously given shopping a lot of thought. What you have said is a good guide to how one can keep costs down and still buy locally.


      • andiblank andiblank says:

        The advantage of shopping locally is that you are able to get immediate feedback from staff. Once I was able to cross the public threshold, I was amazed at the number of sales people who were willing, and even anxious to help. I had one bad experience at Lord and Taylor, which led me to avoid them for a long time. (Their loss.) I love to shop, and have the wardrobe to show for it. Everything from size 22 to my current size 10 (I lost 100 pounds three years ago). I have donated much of the plus sized clothing to friends and to Dress for Success. I wish that I could find friends who would enjoy shopping. In numbers there can be strength for those too shy to go on their own.

      • andiblank andiblank says:

        I would love to find others who want to shop. If they are too shy, in numbers there is strength. I have been told that I have a good eye and taste, so helping others would be a pleasure.

        Most stores welcome paying customers. In general, I have found salespeople want to help, which leads to customer loyalty. I had one negative experience at Lord and Taylor, so I never went back. (There loss, not mine.)

        Once we overcome our fears, we can enjoy all the pleasures that we deserve.

      • angela_g angela_g says:

        I shop at Lord & Taylor all the time and the sales help vary from chatty and engaged to aloof and get the sale run up. But I’ve never had a bad time there. I bet your one bad experience was with one problematic sales clerk.

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