Emily Chapter Two: Meeting the Hot List

| Feb 25, 2019
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As Mother started to make spaghetti for dinner I set the kitchen table then went and plopped down on the living couch and started my homework.  Daisy kept reminding me I couldn’t sit the way I was. “Emily, either keep your knees together or cross your legs. You’re showing your panties. Girls don’t do that when wearing skirts and dresses.” I recalled noticing that is what girls did, so I put my legs together and kept studying. After a couple minutes my legs drifted apart, and I was told to keep my legs closed again. I was reminded numerous times until dinner was ready.

Over dinner, after the how was your day at school topics, mother said,

“Daisy told me you want to explore wearing girl’s clothes some more. Is this true?”

I answered, “I’m only curious what it is like to wearing girl’s clothes and why you have so many things.”

Daisy asked, “Did you see a boy or a girl in the mirror upstairs?”

“A girl.” Replying nonchalantly, then took another bite of my spaghetti.

“Did you like what you saw?” Daisy asked.

“Yes, I was really surprised how convincingly you made me look like a girl.”

Sis spoke next, “Mom, I almost had a heart-attack, I actually thought there was another girl in my bedroom trying on my clothes, just like you didn’t recognize her.”

“She really surprised me too. If you didn’t point to her and that dress I doubt I’d known too.” Mom continued. “Do you feel pretty?” Mom asked.

“Yes, but not as pretty as you and Sis are.” Mom and Sis thanked me for complimenting them. “Maybe it is the feeling of everything.” Answering logically and rationally. I helped clean up after dinner and went back to my homework on the couch and Daisy headed up to her room.

Soon after Mother finished up in the kitchen she came over and sat next to me and started to talk to me when the doorbell rang. I jumped up and headed to answer it without any hesitation, equivocation, or thought to as what I was wearing. As I opened the door I realized I had on a dress. Standing there in front of me were two, of what I consider, the most beautiful of the Hot List – Cheyenne and Jasmyn standing in front of me.

Jasmyn smiled at me and said, “We’re sorry, we thought this was the Fuller residence.”

Mom was right behind me and invited them in.

“Hi, Mrs. Fuller. We’re here to return these books to Daisy. Is she home?” Said Cheyenne, and they both turned back and looked directly at me with smiles on their faces.

“Hi, Jasmyn, Hi Cheyenne. This is Emily our cousin.” After a short pause to think, “She’s up visiting from Portland.”

Cheyenne said, “Nice to meet you, Emily. Cute dress.”

I sputtered three short sentences. “Thank you. My pleasure too. Nice meeting both of you.”

Mother said, “Emily can you please take Jasmyn and Cheyenne up to your cousin Daisy’s room?”

Let me tell you, I wish you could have seen how big Daisy’s eyes opened when she saw the three of us as we walked into her room together. The girls hugged and Jasmyn told Daisy, “Daisy, your  cousin is really cute. How come we haven’t met her before? I love when my parents take me to Portland.” I smiled and went back downstairs wondering what new discoveries were in line next for me. Wow, Cheyenne and Jasmyn actually spoke to me and thought I was cute!

Mother noticed I was shaking and came and sat down next to me and said, “Don’t worry, I certainly won’t tell anyone and I sure your sister won’t either. Her friends exhibited nothing suggesting you weren’t a girl. I’ll talk to your sister. Okay?” I wasn’t shaking because I was wearing a dress. I was shaking because Jasmyn and Cheyenne spoke to me.

In a few minutes Daisy’s girlfriends pranced back down the stairway, and as they left, Jasmyn said, “Nice meeting you Emily. We hope to see you again soon. Bye, Mrs. Fuller.” I waved goodbye to them.

Daisy stopped half-way down the stairwell and said, “Well Emily, you seemed to make quite an impression on my friends. Cheyenne and Jas now want to know all about you.”

“Didn’t you tell them I’m your brother?”

“You don’t look like my brother, do you?”

“No. I guess not dressed like this.” I surmised.

Mom injected, “You fooled me, your sister, Cheyenne and Jasmyn. And very convincingly too. You still wish to explore more?”

“Sure.” Mom and Sis turned and looked at each other.

Mom thought for a moment or two. “Tomorrow is Friday, what about after school and this weekend if you wish?”

“I’d really like that.” I was getting excited about how much I could learn to satisfy this exploration and curiosity of mine.

Mom, said, “Before going to bed, give Daisy back her clothes and have her show you have to wash your face like girls do each night.

I thought to myself how hard is it to wash your face? I do it every day. But I followed Mom’s directions I went up to Daisy’s room. She sat me down at her vanity and gave me a makeup remover cloth, followed by a cleansing cream and a soft cloth that she said it would exfoliated my skin. I made a mental note to look up the meaning of exfoliate. After my shower and I put on my pajamas I went back to her room and she gave me some face moisturizer. I noted to myself that the moisturizer did make my skin feel softer. I headed back to my room to go to bed. Before turning in I looked up the word ‘exfoliate.’

Next: Chapter Three — The Weekend.

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This story is not like other stories that I’ve read saying that the author has always know they were a girl — I think I discovered being one.

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