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A Dress For Every Purpose

| Jul 8, 2013
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As summer rolls around, our thoughts trend towards all those lovely lightweight  dresses that allow us to be more comfortable and show a little skin. But when you are over 40, as many of us are, we need to be a little choosy so the dress is also flattering to our figure. Now granted, we can manipulate that figure somewhat and we rarely need to worry about holding “the girls” up, but then we have a few other challenges, most centering around trying to create that girly figure with a body that just doesn’t match the mannequin in the dress shop.

So thanks to the ladies at Fabulous After Forty, here are a few ideas to help you look slimmer, taller, and stylish at the same time.  I’ve always thought that summer dresses for women over 40 are a great wardrobe staple because they’re easy, comfortable and practical for a casual midlife lifestyle

Slimming dressSolid Colors are Slimming

Did you know that a solid color head to toe like this is always more slimming than a few colors mixed together? This Jessica Simpson belted Blouson dress (from Macys) in this pretty shade of orange is a perfect example

This is the perfect day dress because you can take it from daytime to evening wear with just a change in accessories. Be sure to accent the dress with some big chunky jewelry as shown here because that is what is really going to make this dress pop. You’ll be sure to get a lot of wear out of it.

Hide the hips-circle skirt

Circle Skirts Give Flair  

This dress is designed for the gal with a pear-shaped figure. That’s not us, but it works equally well in hiding a little too much tummy and giving us that that lovely swishy look. And with the hem just at or above the knees, it shows off our really great legs too. You’ll need light-colored shoes (no ankle straps) to extend the look of those long legs.

Another really nice thing about this dress is the use of soft, muted colors in the tropical print. This dress gives you that Caribbean vacation feel you want without having to wear bright parrot colors which can often look and feel too loud

Empire waist tame tummies


Empire Waistlines Tame Tummies

If you have low belly fat (beer belly) that never seems to go away, a great way to get the attention off that spot is to take a look at summer dresses for women that have empire waists. This Short Sleeve Printed Empire with its flattering wrap style neckline visually raises your waist up, and in doing so moves the attention to your upper half. The skirt part gently flows over a jelly belly. Great trick!

Color blocking slims

Color Blocking Magically Erases

Dark colors recede and make you look slimmer. That’s the reason so many women love black. But heck, you can’t be wearing black all the time, so here’s another great trick. Choose a dress like this DKNY colorblock dress that strategically uses black to knock off a few inches.

Black panels placed at the sides slims your figure by ” blacking” part of it out. No wonder color blocked dresses are one of the most popular summer dresses out there for plus size women.

Simplicity is SlimmingSimplicity slims

A solid color + a simple tank top style make this Elemntz ruffle dress a winner. You’ll look long and lean but anything but boring because of the interesting texture that makes this dress feminine and gives it real personality.

Maxis for modesty

Maxi Dresses Make the Difference

Some curvy types prefer more modest summer dresses for women. If you are a gal who feels more comfortable not exposing your legs then a maxi dress is for you.  This is one of many beautiful summer halter dresses for women that work well. You still get to show a bit of skin up top which is youthful but you don’t have to worry about feeling self-conscious about your legs. Now this is not usually a problem for crossdressers but I’m seeing more and more women in maxis because of the long silhouette that it creates, and you can wear it with sandals or kitten heels for walking comfort.

Shirtdress balance your bottom


Shirtdresses Balance Your Figure

Shirtdresses became popular in the ’50s when they were an offshoot of men’s shirts. These dresses are comfortable and forgiving of figure flaws and flattering for all body types. You can best define your waist using a belt. They can be worn with a crinoline to give fullness to the shirt and balancing our wide shoulders. Isn’t this a pretty, fresh look for summer?

Floral dress

Floral Dresses are a Lady’s Choice

If you don’t already have a floral dress for warm weather, you need to go get one.

A floral frock with a big, bold print in contrasting colors was the “it” dress this spring. Hot pink summer dresses like this pink blossom floral sundress   are feminine and pretty, but not wimpy. A very ladylike choice

Punch it up with polks dots

Punch it Up with Polka Dots

This Ralph Lauren Cap sleeve polka dot dress proves that you can wear a pattern in a plus size and it works for you. Best to keep the background darker than the dot and the size of the dot reasonable to your frame. A very tiny dot is going to exaggerate your figure in comparison, which is exactly what you don’t want to do. Love the Monaco blue color which is so in this summer.

purple dress

Now I admit to loving polka dots, but being a winter/cool color, the jewel tones work best for me. I can wear black, blue, purple, and reds, but not oranges and yellows. And having silvery grey hair (that’s my natural color too), any accessory in the silver family helps me achieve a striking look. And as much as I adore prints, particularly black and white, this dress shown here helps me be the Princess that I am (or maybe I should say Queen). There is a perfect dress for you, and some of you only own one, but dresses are fun. They’re comfortable, and oh so very feminine. What better way to treat yourself than with a dress.

Men in dresses drink free

Now least I remind you, there are other certain unspoken advantages to being a man in a dress









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